There are several ways my family prepares for Christmas; we do our Advent daily, shop for gifts, mail out Christmas cards, try to get involved in some type of charity – helping others, homeschool Christmas parties, make a birthday cake for Jesus, organize my children’s toys not always getting rid of them because the gaps in the ages of my children and once one child as outgrown the toy my smaller children play with it so on and so on.
This year I had enough. When I walked in my boys bedroom and found this (see the baby in the middle of the mess)

I had enough! They were playing up in their room and decided to dump both of their toy bucket bins over to try to find that ONE toy! Every year they get alot of toys especially from grandparents so I decided it was time to make room for the new.
Time for a clean out! No more holding onto things! After hours of cleaning with garbage bags close by I got rid of 1 garbage bag of just broken toys, 1 garbage bag and a box full of toys that I thought they no longer needed or played with. It felt freeing so I decided to do my daughter’s room next getting rid of a garbage bag of toys and a box of books! All I dropped off at Salvation Army today. I am a pack rat, I like to hold onto things for that what if mentality.

Here are the final results

Bin with labels on them work wonderfully instead of loose toys everywhere! This will be something I am adding to our list every year at this time!
What about you, how do you prepare?

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