(this is not a picture of her well – this picture is from a few months ago – hopefully in a few weeks she will look this well)

Yay – my baby girl is home! Praise God! He is SO awesome!  She will still require nebulizer treatments every 4 hours along with 2 antibiotics. We will be home bound for a week or 2, getting rest. It will take sometime for her to get back to herself but I can see the spunkiness coming back!
This was quite a trial for my family but The Good Lord is so faithful. Thank you all again for your kind words, encouragement and prayers. You are all a blessing. You moms hug your kids now if they are near you, you do not know what you have till things like this happen – I was internally scared for the worst. It happened so fast but the flip side is God healed her so fast too!


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