This has been a tough week. My 2 year old daughter has had a fever since Saturday. She typically is running around acting like her wild self but now she is quiet and not wanting to move from the couch. Then yesterday I noticed my 8 month baby had a fever – GREAT! So I took them both to the doctors, the baby had a 102 temp, and my 2 year old had a 101 temp. The dcotor said it was virual and gave me Albuterol to open up my daughter’s air passages and hopefully relieve all the coughing. Both coughing but it appears to be a dry cough, their eyes are read and swollen. The doctor mentioned taking blood work yesterday for my 2 year old because that’s a long time to have a fever, I wish I insisted because the blood work wasn’t taken. Now I wait for the doctor’s office to call me back because she is at 101.4 and back to sleeping. The pain relievers do not appear to be doing much at all. Not only that she doesn’t want to eat or drink anything – I tried giving her popsicles – she doesn’t want it. My 4 year old woke up with a fever this morning too. So I await for the doctor’s office to call me back.
My heart breaks for my kids, yes at times they drive me crazy with their running around screaming but afterall they are kids – I would do anything to hear their laughter right now instead of their whines and coughes. I pray that God pours His mercy on my children, I would rather I feel terrible than them. This is the difficult part about being a mom!

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