I typically do not blog much on Sunday because it’s the Lord’s Day. But I want to share this little story about God’s faithfulness! This morning was a typical Sunday morning. My 3 year old got up first came in my room and wanted to come downstairs. The baby was still sleeping (he sleeps in our room) so I came down stairs and started my Bible Study before we get ready for church while my son ate his cereal. A bit later I heard the baby upstairs crying so I started up the stairs to go get him but then realized he woke my husband up so he was coming down the stairs with the baby. Then I heard a loud thud. My husband had slipped walking down the stairs HOLDING THE BABY! The baby was crying, I grabbed him from my husband’s arm’s to make sure he was ok.  Praise God that the baby didn’t fall out of my husband’s arms and fall further down the stairs. As I looked him over I noticed he got a small bump on his head and a bit of rug burn on his forehead. My husband is not hurt either, just a cut on his ankle. There could have been so many different scenairo’s but the outcome was not bad. Everyone is completely fine! I can’t help not think what could have happened but than I am quickly reminded how God protected them! God is AWESOME!

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