OK, this is my 3rd time trying to figure out what works best with our workboxes & I think I got it this time! Instead of using workbox subject tags I made own WORKBOX TAGS (you would need to print 2 copies, cut 1 out in rectangles – laminate both the chart & tags) for the days of the week. So each workbox is labeled with a day of the week. So Sunday when I pull all the work and do all the planning for the week, I put each day’s work in each drawer. I pull the whole drawer out & put it on the table each day during our homeschool – everything is at our finger tips – so instead of numerous drawers for each subject – it’s all in 1 place! When he has completed his work in the drawer for that particular day, he moves the tag off the workbox & places it on his chart. I fee so organized! Still fine tunning the other drawers – I will probably use them for tot boxes for our 18 month. Now it’s time to make workbox tags for my preschooler!


  1. oo love these!

  2. I think I might have to try this, I had given up on setting up separate workboxes everyday.

  3. Love the organization technique! I have three little ones with twins on the way (we’re adopting again from Ethiopia) and am always looking for more ways to maintain order! I look forward to following along!
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