Jumping Bean is 36 months
Following along with my 5 year old (Mystery of History) we worked on Adam & Eve this week.
gluing apples to the Tree of good & evil
completed craft (sorry for the crummy pic)
sorting sizes
He came to my husband & I super excited that he wrote his name (he really didn’t, just scribble)
Tiny Tot School
Baby Cat is 15 months
2 new milestones, she learned how to jump – loves the trampoline1
and learning how to use a spoon by herself!
she used to refuse to crawl thru the play tunnel but now she loves it!

Feel free to come link up what curriculum you are using with my Show me your curriculum link up tomorrow (Monday)!


  1. Yay! Great job on his “name.” That is the sweetest story.

  2. My tot is 14 months, and she won’t crawl through anything yet. Guess I will try again in another month or so and see how she feels!

    The proud look in displaying him “name” is priceless!

  3. I love the picture of your little girl eating with a spoon. Made me laugh!

  4. what fun!!

  5. What a fun week! Love the tree craft 🙂

  6. I am loving this. I found you through MBC. I’m in your home school group on there. So glad to have found you, following now.

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