Every Thursday A Mommy’s Adventures does a really fun blog carnival every Thursday – read your child a story then accompany it with art!
We having been working on Noah’s Ark this week. This is our topic in our Mystery of History homeschool co-op so I try to have my preschooler follow along with us.
We checked out The Story of Noah and the Ark retold by Michael McCarthy
Ages 3-5. Rhythmic four-line stanzas pace this engaging version of the familiar Bible story. Worked in colored pencil and watercolors, the soft-hued illustrations picture a well-ordered ark where birds roost up high, elephants settle on the middle deck, and giraffes find room to stretch their necks by the stairs. Dramatic views of the turbulent storm and of the ark cradled atop Ararat amid the endless sea are nicely balanced with more lighthearted scenes of Noah welcoming the animal couples and the seafarers’ wide-eyed anticipation when the dove returns with branch in beak.
Focusing more on God’s promise that He will never flood the earth again, my 3 year old did a rainbow mosaic.


  1. Those pictures look so nice and calming. What a great book.

  2. Love this idea! 🙂

  3. Hi Nicole,
    We have been reading this book all week, great book.
    I love the craft to. We did pencil water colors today.

  4. What a great project!!! I will have to check out this book I love the story of Noah’s Ark. Thank you for linking up to stART :0)

  5. I love the rainbow, it is so cute. I am going to look for this book.

  6. Beautiful rainbow. Looks like the book has great illustrations.

  7. You rock! I’m thinking of doing a Noah’s Ark theme next week, you’ve given me some good ideas to start with 🙂

  8. Lovely, so pretty. Mine would like that too! We love rainbows!!!


  9. What a beautiful reminder of His promise.

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