Draw Me a Star – stART

Every Thursday A Mommys Adventures does a really fun blog carnival every Thursday – read your child a story then accompany it with art!
Trying to stay with our Fourth of July theme this week, we read:
I had my 5 year old draw stars (his 1st time drawing them) with white crayon on white paper then with blue & red watercolors he painted over his white stars – couldn’t see them now you can!

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  1. Lovely idea to use wax resist technique. Our stART project is also about stars!

  2. What a great project! We love to do the “magically appears” projects 🙂

  3. Very neat idea for a crayon resist!

  4. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. I love seeing the white on white surprise crafts. I think Nathan would love doing something like that.

  6. I haven’t read that Eric Carle book before. Did you like it as much as his others? I’m always looking for new book ideas!

  7. We love this book! I used it to teach my son how to make stars… my daughter isn’t far away from being able to draw them too. 🙂

  8. I like the crayon resist idea. Stars are really tough to draw!

  9. I love the surprise. This is a really fun activity. Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. I am def going to try this out. Thanks!! What a great idea!!! My son is going crazy over drawing stars!!! He just learned how to do it too. You have a lovely family!!!

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  11. Oo, I always forget to try the white crayon trick with my kids. It worked out as a great project for this book.

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