Every Thursday A Mommy’s Adventures does a really fun blog carnival every Thursday – read your child a story then accompany it with art!
My little guy turned 3 on Tuesday so I geared our Start towards his special day.
I read my boys The Growing Story by ruth Krauss
It’s about a little boy who grows!
Our art project was handprints! We used Model Magic by Crayola, my kids rolled it out:
Had them make it flat, pressed their handprint (1 for each of my boys), poked a small hole in the top so we can hang them on the wall.
Waited the 24 hours for it to dry then had them paint them

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  1. Great idea! Happy Birthday!

  2. cute idea! Happy birthday to your little guy!

  3. My mom still has the clay handprint I made in kindergarten. They certainly are treasures.

  4. What a great book and project! I did something like this for Emily when she turned 1 but it was out of a kit. I need to do it for Juliette now :0)

    We just used model magic at the crayola was a lot of fun.

    Thank you for linking up to stART!!

  5. We made salt dough ornaments at Christmas…same thing but with dough…and I did the painting. Love this though!

  6. Those turned out so great! I bet he had a special day!

  7. Very nice birthday project!

  8. I should really do this with my daughter…she turned 2 on the 25th! Happy Belated Bday from us!

  9. I have one from when JDaniel was a baby. I need to so this again.

  10. Great idea…this must be birthday week, because my little guy just turned 5 on the 26th 🙂

    Happy Belated Birthday to your little one. Love the handprints.

  11. I’d give you a “high five” for such a fun idea, if I were anywhere close to you right now…

  12. OO love these they turned out great!

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