On The Farm! (stART)

Every Thursday A Mommy’s Adventures does a really fun blog carnival every Thursday – read your child a story then accompany it with art!
Tomorrow our homeschool group is going to tour a local farm. We chose a farm stART this week!
The Berenstain Bears visit Farmer and Mrs. Ben’s farm and learn about their life there.

We try to do homemade thank you cards when we go to homeschool group tours. I bought my son for part of his art cirriculum for kindergarten Draw Write Now. Now, he trace farm animals.
He traced the animals with pencil then I had him re-trace them with marker, color them, write the name of the animalĀ  along side of it.
JJ cut the animals out, glued them to his card

wrote his thank you note inside
3 lessons in one, reading – artĀ  & handwriting!


  1. Oh wow he did a great job with his tracing. They look so cute!! Have fun on your farm trip tomorrow :0)

    Thank you for linking up to stART!

  2. Those look really good! I’m impressed.

  3. Field trip thank you notes is an excellent idea!

  4. Great idea!

  5. What a good project! It came out great:)

  6. Wow he did an awesome job with those animals!

  7. Great blog! I saw you over on Fun Follow Friday and your name caught my eye. I have three too and am following you now. Can’t wait to read more.

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