Learning about China

My husband got back a week ago from a 2 week business trip to China. I decided to teach my preschooler a little bit about where his Papa went! I tried to find hands on activities for him instead of “paperwork”, at this age Geography can be a little tricky to learn! We had a great week learning about inventions, food, language, fashion and money all from China!

                      We started off my taking a look at how Asians write their numbers.

The right is my preschoolers “version” of writing his numbers in Chinese. (0-9)
While reading Look What Came From China book
Which is a great book, it goes through the inventions, fashions, food, toys, etc. that came from China. I had my preschooler do a scavenger hunt around the house for items that came from China.
Some of the inventions: Abacus, kits, ice cream, paper
Food: Soy beans, rice
My son made a paper lantern w/ fire breathing dragons
Then I had my husband teach JJ about the money (Renminbi) -means “People’s Currency” in Chinese language which he brought back from China for our kids.

My husband brought our 3 kids back these authentic Chinese outfits.
A week jsut wasn’t long enough for all the hands on activities I wanted to do so we will most likely go back to learning about China. I just bought Galloping the Globe at convention which I didn’t get to use for this lesson so check back because I would like to add more to this lesson!


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  4. What a fun week! I love the lanterns. The kids look adorable in their Chinese outfits!

  5. Fun week! Not hard to find stuff from China, huh? =)

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