Choosing Organic Fruits & Vegetables

With Earth Day coming up later this month I decided to post some organic/green tips!

Organic farming helps keep potentially harmful chemicals out of the environment and the food supply — and recent studies show it’s more nutritious, too. It’s especially important for children, whose growing bodies are more vulnerable to pesticide exposures.
I know, I know…….. Organic foods are pricey. So I buy alot of fruits like banana’s, kiwi, mangos conventionally.
The following fruits and vegetables are recommended to eat organically.
1. Peaches
2. Apples
3. Sweet bell peppers
4. Celery
5. Nectarines
6. Strawberries
7. Cherries
8. Kale
9. Lettuce
10. Grapes (imported)
11. Carrots
12. Pears
 (worst) Peach 100 (highest pesticide load)
 Apple 93
 Sweet Bell Pepper 83
 Celery 82
 nectarine 81
 Strawberries 80
 Cherries 73
 Kale 69
 lettuce 67
 Grapes – Imported 66
 Carrot 63
 Pear 63
 Collard Greens 60
 Spinach 58
 Potato 56
 Green Beans 53
 Summer Squash 53
 Pepper 51
 Cucumber 50
 Raspberries 46
 Grapes – Domestic 44
 Plum 44
 Orange 44
 Cauliflower 39
 Tangerine 37
 Mushrooms 36
 Banana 34
 Winter Squash 34
 Cantaloupe 33
 Cranberries 33
 Honeydew Melon 30
 Grapefruit 29
 Sweet Potato 29
 Tomato 29
 Broccoli 28
 Watermelon 26
 Papaya 20
 Eggplant 20
 Cabbage 17
 Kiwi 13
 Sweet Peas – Frozen 10
 Asparagus 10
 Mango 9
 Pineapple 7
 Sweet Corn – Frozen 2
 Avocado 1
 (best) Onion 1 (lowest pesticide)


  1. hmmmm, now I have to decide what I’m willing to change and what I have the money to change…… Good news is, I don’t like peaches, so I don’t buy that one.
    But strawberries are a staple in this house.

  2. Love the tips. Thanks for sharing!

    I have a linky party going on where you can enter a post about anything you want to share with others. I would love it if you entered this one!

    Its at

  3. Great tips! We buy at our local farmers’ market when crops are in season and the prices are pretty close to the grocery store and organic. But the winter months are tough on us!

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