Nutritional / Human Body Co-op

Today we had our nutritional co-op, this week was geared more to the human body. This co-op is done through our homeschool group. A very educated health concious mom taught the class – she did an awesome job! She used food to teach about our bodies. She passed around walnuts for instance & asked the kids what part of the body they looked like – the brain! The illustrations were wonderful!

JJ got to taste sunflower sprouts for the 1st time!
Then singing & danced Head, shoulders, knees & toes as well as other interactive songs with the lesson
Then on the back of a recycled wallpaper roll all the kids got to have their bodies traced on the paper.
Then with everything they just learned during the class (the heart, brain, bones, eyes, etc.) JJ drew them on “his body”
Then the kids got to try a green smoothie – I was shocked JJ liked it!
Then when we got home we hung JJ’s body drawing on his bedroom door.
I was proud of how he drew the face, the brain, bones, heart & stomach.


  1. Hi! I’m visiting from MBC. Great blog.

  2. What a great way to teach an anatomy lesson. Using food and relating them to body parts is such a neat idea. Consolidating the information by having the children draw it onto the pictures made it a wonderful learning experience.

    I enjoyed reading your post all about your family. You certainly do have a “beauty full” family.

  3. I love his heart! How cute!

  4. Look like fun! I drink “green jucice” all the time and my son Ethan likes to have it to, although I water it down so his little body can handle it better.

  5. Love the heart! And green hair!

  6. Looks like fun fun fun !!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. What a fun way to teach about the human body. Love his greet hair and heart!

  8. I definitely need to find a coop in the area! Such great lessons!

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