Our new workbox system

I decided my original way of doing workboxes just wasn’t working for me, too much in such a little box with too much stuff! Thankfully my husband’s work didn’t have any use for these drawer storage units so he grabbed for me to use. I like them because the drawers pull out all the way so when we do a subject, we pull out the drawer & place it on the floor which is where we do our homeschooling.
Our new way!
For my preschooler’s workbox
A big thanks to Homeschool Creations for her printable workbox tags. I also made a few more for additional subjects (Spanish & co-op) which I made with clip art. Then I laminated them. I made a simple flip book for us to move our tags to once the subject is completed for the day. Then I put velcro on the front of the drawers, back of the tags & on the tag flip chart. After each subject is complete then I will put the following days work in the box with the tags for each subject we will be doing on the front of each drawer.

Extra shelf on top for their calendars they made @ the Home Depot Workshop class)
My preschooler’s workbox set up for the week, with his tag flip chart on the top right.
tag flip chart
Here are a few examples of what’s in our workbox for tomorrow
Bible & phonics pocket chart w/ phonics

For my toddler’s workbox

I am not using the workbox tags just yet, I still have time. He is only 2 years old. His system has 8 drawers so it’s set up for the whole week. I have 2 drawers for each day full of activities for him to do. And any additional activities I want to set up then I can add stuff throughout the week. His drawers pull out as well so all his supplies will be at hands reach.

With the storage shelf on the top I am able to place things on it that do not fit in the drawers. Such as crayons & jumping beans chip  game.

Here are a few examples of what’s inside my toddler’s workbox this week:

Bible & pom pom transfer


  1. Very nice! I love the tags! You are motivating me to finish mine! Later I will post up whats in mine.

  2. It looks like they turned our great. Thanks for sharing the link for those printable tabs. I already have my workboxes set up my way using magazine holders and some tabs I made myself but these tabs have pictures so they will be fun to use for my preschooler who is now asking for workboxes too.

  3. I love this! I have a 3 and 4 year old that I’m trying to set up the system for. Thanks for the pics!

  4. Glad to help! If you blog take a pic & add it to the what’s in your workbox McKlinky. 🙂

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