Journey with Jesus weeks 1-4

My gracious & very good friend began a co-op at her home for our homeschooling group. I am so thankful for this co-op it has really made an impact on my preschooler! It’s called Journey w/ Jesus by . This is a co-op & teachings on his Jesus’ ministry and where He went.

A overall description of the co-op:

Kids Discover Where Jesus Went, What Jesus Taught, and How It Is Relevant Today This exciting 13-week course takes children on a life-changing adventure as they travel with Jesus through the cities where His ministry came alive! Children will be introduced to 13 places where Jesus walked and lived, and as they discover His attitudes and actions, they’ll begin to understand how they can follow Jesus in their daily lives. Kids will experience Jesus’ life and ministry through fascinating Bible stories, high-energy games, fresh music with song charts, creative art activities and meaningful worship time. By the end of their journey with Jesus, children will have grown in their knowledge and understanding of who Jesus is and how to live as His followers. Manual with reproducible music CD.

We made our Journey with Jesus binder (the boys share, each of them having their own section) with their worksheets, etc. for this Bible co-op.

Here are their passports for the co-op. For each place Jesus went (for this study) we add that location to the passport. Both kids have a picture of themselves in their passports and for each location JJ writes that location down next to the picture. I used cardstock for this and then hole punched it, held together with a binder ring.

The top passport is JJ’s – he even drew a picture of himself on the outside

Week 1 Bethlehem – amazing arrival (the birth of Christ) After the Bible study the kids made a star (the start of Bethlehem) out of bread dough and learned about the birth of Christ.

Week 2 Jordan River – Supernatural sighting (Jesus Baptized) After the Bible study the kids made a river out of blue colored sand & glued it to paper.
Week 3 Cana (Wedding party rescued by Jesus) unfortunately we missed this co-op because we were out of town.
Week 4 Nazareth (Teacher upsets crowd)  After the Bible study
The kids made a map to go with today’s Bible lesson.
JJ coloring his Phylacterie (prayer box).
JJ wearing his Phylacterie as they did in Biblical times.


  1. What great ideas! I stop here so often I decided to follow you when I saw you on the list.

  2. thank you – I am already following you! 🙂

  3. This looks awesome! I would love to be involved in a co-op, but all of them around here say that you need to have at least one child in kindergarten before you can participate with preschoolers. I should start my own, but I’m not sure where to begin. I do want to check out the Journey With Jesus!

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