Fly Away (Almost) Wordless Wednesday With Linky

I took these photo's of my oldest and littlest over the weekend. I heard my little one screaming weeeeeeeeeee so I looked out through the backsliding … [Read more...]

A Resting Place For His Arms (Almost) Wordless Wednesday With Linky

I am sure if you are a parent you are amazed at how kids sleep and where they will sleep. My son fell asleep on our couch with his arms over his head. … [Read more...]

All Smiles (Almost) Wordless Wednesday

My little one got a hold of a smiley face ink stamp that I use on my kids homeschooling papers and went to town on her arms and face! The whole half … [Read more...]

The Hawk Came For A Brief Visit (Almost) Wordless Wednesday With Linky

More amazing wildlife in our back yard preserve. I wish I had my close up lens on my camera at the time this Hawk landed on a tree not too far from my … [Read more...]

In The Frog Ponds (Almost) Wordless Wednesday With Linky

  One of my family's favorite places to visit is our local zoo, Palm Beach Zoo. They recently made two frog pond.  From beautiful … [Read more...]

The Long Visit (Almost) Wordless Wednesday With Linky

  This moth clung to our backsliding door for hours a few days ago. I thought because of his wing injury he was not going to make it.  I … [Read more...]

Backyard Beauty…. (Almost) Wordless Wednesday With Linky

Once in a while we will spot one of these beauties on our back patio. This Cuban Knight Anole enjoyed sunbathing on my kids swing set. From nose to … [Read more...]

Bottoms Up! (Almost) Wordless Wednesday With Linky

  Even though she is two she amazes me how she still does sweet things that she did when she was a wee little baby. One of them is sleeping … [Read more...]

Jamming Baby (Almost) Wednesday – Wordless Wednesday With Linky

I often like to blog with headsets hooked up to my laptop. My baby loves music so she was a happy when she grabbed a hold of the … [Read more...]

Beautiful Florida Morning Sky (Almost) Wordless Wednesday With Linky

I am in awe when I look up at the sky and see images like this. Knowing that they are made ONLY by the Creator. He is a great Artist, creating … [Read more...]