Bottoms Up! (Almost) Wordless Wednesday With Linky



Even though she is two she amazes me how she still does sweet things that she did when she was a wee little baby. One of them is sleeping with her bottom up in the air!  

joy asleep bottom up

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  1. Aww so precious when they sleep like that, dont we wish we could still do that.
    Have a great week!

  2. Love little snuggle bunnies!

  3. Just adorable.

  4. How adorable! Yes, I remember those moments. I would be amazed at how easily babies could do certain yoga postures. This one looks like child pose which is funny because my kids often slept in warrior position. They could even do the wide angle forward bend better than I could!

  5. so cute to see her sleeping like that. My kids too used to sleep in that position when they were that age.

  6. I miss that stage! She’s so precious!

  7. Awww. That is one of the sweetest things they do when they’re just littles!

  8. My son use to do that as a toddler too! So cute.

  9. The ways that kids can sleep amaze me!

  10. Aww she looks so cute and adorable!

  11. She’s so cute with her tushy in the air.

  12. Awww I love it! My oldest kiddo slept like that ALL THE TIME. My youngest, not so much. I miss it! Thanks for hosting a fun Linky and sharing it with #OMHGWW! 🙂


  13. Those were the days!

  14. This is such a sweet photo! How adorable!!

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