Monster Mouth Fold-N-Fun Kids Craft

A few nights ago I found 4 of my children gathered around our dining room table coloring.  I soaked it all in because it was a rarity to see my boys coloring.  Typically anything that involves coloring, crafts or any art project they are not having it.  So around the table, my 2 girls and 2 of my boys were coloring and being silly which is music to my ears.  


When they were all done my boys came to me with one of the cutest crafts I have seen in a while.  It was so cute I decided to share it with you.  This is not a complicated craft and it’s by no means is it colored perfectly in the lines but in my eyes, I think it’s perfect.  See what impressed me was that my 11 and 7-year-old boys came up with this idea all on their own. 

This Monster Mouth Fold-N-Fun kids craft is so simple that any age can do it. All you need is a piece of 8.5 X 11 piece of copy paper, crayons, colored pencils or markers.  Here is how to make it:


Draw your monster but make the mouth really long so it takes up half of the paper. The mouth needs to be open from half of the paper to the bottom of the paper.  Color with markers, colored pencils or crayons.  Next, fold the paper in thirds.   When the monster is folded shut you should only see the eyes of the monster.  Open and close the paper, crunch! Display your monster with the mouth closed or with it fully open! 


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  1. That is super cute! I miss the days of crafting with my kids. They’ve moved on to girls and boys and video games now. LOL

  2. Anne Marie says:

    My children love drawing crazy, funny monsters. This craft is such a fun spin on that!

  3. You have some creative children. This sounds like a fun craft. They can even go further and make these into puppets with paper bags.

  4. These are really cute! I know my kids would enjoy creating these. My kids are always crafting and coloring.

  5. Catherine Santiago Jose says:

    Wow, such a nice papercraft activity for kids and it looks like a lot of fun. My kids are starting to learn and I think it will be good if I tried to do this with them.

  6. This is so cute and creative. I love how easy it is, too!

  7. How cute is this? My kids are older now, but we have little ones visiting for the weekend. This should be fun to do with them. Thanks for the idea.

  8. Such a brilliant idea. I love it when kids start showing their inner artist all on their own. I love watercoloring with my girls.

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