I love looking for ways to teach my children using thrifty methods. I am sure you have seen on various blogs with moms teaching with paint swatches from the hardware store. I had started doing this when my 2nd son was 2 years old (2 years ago). Now I am using them with my 3 year old daughter. BUT I have thought of a few new ways to do so! Check them out below!
Larger paper paint swatches
Crayons (the same colors as the paint swatches)
Smaller white pieces of paper cut in squares
Glue stick
Hole Puncher
Loop Ring
 I had my daughter color each square the same colors as the paint swatches, so one square would be red, one orange, one yellow and so on.
 Then I had her glue each colored square she colored on the matching paint swatch.
Then I hole punched it and looped it with a ring. She now has a learning color flashcard book she made all by herself!
 Then I took larger paint swatches and cut them in half so I had 2 piles of the same color
Then are played color matching game, lay the colors face down and match!
Next, matching colored paper clips to the Mickey Mouse paint swatches.
Colored paint swatches
Colored paper clips
 I simply had her match the colored paper clip to the same color Mickey Mouse paint swatch.
Have you ever incorporated paint swatches in your learning, if so how?


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