My oldest son (he just turned 7 a week + 1/2 ago) is a Lego fanatic! He is OBSESSED! He wanted his birthday party to be a “Lego” theme party, particularly Ninjago. Which seems to be the latest craze.

He wanted a Ninjago birthday cake. I used white as the icing to avoid the food coloring dyes., the Ninjago character in white is Zane.



Box Cake Mix

White Copy Paper

Black Icing Gel

White Cake Icing

First I made 2 round cakes (just using cake box products), then we trimmed the top of one of them so they would fit nice on top of each other.  Then I made a template out of paper the opening of  Zane’s face (eye’s). Placed it on top of the cake and began to ice. Leaving the template on the cake was great because no icing got on this area.

 Then after icing the entire cake I used black gel pen icing to draw the eyes and eyebrows.   I trimmed the eye opening in black and used a dab of white icing inside the eyes.

My son loved his cake, it was super easy to make too! What Lego treats have you made lately?
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