Disney’s Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf Is A Hole In One! #WDWBigFun

Mama to 5 Blessings  wrote this post on the behalf of Disney for the Disney Tween Fam Blogger Event.  Mama to 5 Blessings received Disney accommodations, attractions, entertainment and meals for an honest review. This is not a sponsored review and all views and opinions are of my own and were not influenced in any way.    


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My tween and I LOVE going to the Walt Disney Parks. Who wouldn’t? There are rides, shows, food and so much to do but did you know that Disney offers so many other wonderful fun activities like miniature golfing?  One of our favorite places is the Fantasia Gardens Miniature Golf.  

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This whimsical coarse features pirouetting gators, tutu-clad hippos and dancing water fountains. You can putt your way through five musical sequences from Fantasia. Each holes having fun names like Toccata and Fugue (get a good shot and a musical tone sounds off), The Nutcracker Suite (include dancing mushrooms), The Pastoral Symphony (a 40-foot-tall Mount Olympus complete with waterfalls), and “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice,” starring Mickey Mouse, his troop of out-of-control broomsticks and dazzling water effects. 


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My son and I had a blast playing. We couldn’t wait to get to the next hole to see what the theme and what the challenge was.  Many of the holes were challenging which mean’t we never got bored and were completely entertained!  I do not want to spoil it but the hole 17 shoots out water if you are not fast enough so be quick! 

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The Gardens course is best suited for families and beginning golfers. For the serious golfer try Fantasia Fairways which offers more  challenges with exaggerated contours, menacing water hazards and diabolical sand traps. The layout combines par-three and par-four holes ranging in length from 40 to 75 feet.


Have you and your children ever played a round of miniature golf at Disney’s Fantasia Gardens?   If so how did you do, who won? We played a friendly round of parents against kids, I was excited that I won!  Going to Disney World soon? I highly suggest you add this to your travel bucket list! 


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Mama to 5 Blessings  wrote this post on the behalf of Disney for the Disney Tween Fam Blogger Event.  Mama to 5 Blessings received Disney accommodations, attractions, entertainment and meals for an honest review. This is not a sponsored review and all views and opinions are of my own and were not influenced in any way.    




  1. This looks like so much fun!! I’ve always loved going putting and when you add Disney to it, you can’t lose! Great post!

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    I had no idea this was even there. We will have to check it out the next time we are down there.

  3. We did this a few years ago on one trip to DW. It rained 1/2 way through so we never got to finish!

  4. I have never played miniature golf at Disney–but I have certainly played it over the years. I love it!! If I were to ever get there I would probably start with the easy one then go to the harder one. I could see myself staying there all day long.

  5. I love Mini golf, and this looks like the uber course. I guess you really CAN do anything at Disney. Thanks!

  6. Thanks for this. I’m planning out my vacation right now and need all of the suggestions I can get.

  7. My husband keeps telling me we need to go to Disney. I will be in Florida next year for two months. That would be the perfect time for me to go.

  8. That is the swankiest mini golf course I’ve ever seen. It’s Disney, so I’m not surprised, though! =D When we finally get back to Disney, I’m SO hitting that course!

  9. I haven’t played at that course yet, but based on what I see here, I can’t wait to do it! It’s designed so cute!

  10. Jenna Wood says:

    This was in Florida, correct? We live by Disneyland but I’ve never seen this here- it looks like a complete blast. I’ll also have to visit Disneyland now that they are offering Mickey shaped foods- how fun!

  11. We were just there, we also love Disney, but I have not seen this miniature golf park. Looks really fun!

  12. We love playing min golf at Disney. So much fun.

  13. Debbie Denny says:

    Wow. Missed that. So awesome. Looks like tons of fun.

  14. Oh my goodness. What fun. It looks like a wonderful mom and son day. I had forgotten you can play mini-golf while at Disney and I love playing it 🙂

  15. What a fun place to go! I need to take my kids mini golfing. I think that is one thing we haven’t done yet!

  16. This looks like so much fun! My daughter would love this!

  17. This looks so fun! Considering how much detail Disney puts into their attractions, I wouldn’t be surprised that even their mini golf was amazing.

  18. My son wanted to do this SO BADLY while we were there and we ran out of time. Now that I see how cool it looks I feel even worse! We have to get back there soon.

  19. This would be a blast. I should take my kids to play mini golf this year. We haven’t’ done that with them yet but I bet they would have a blast.

  20. My Grandkids will be visiting us next year when we are in Florida. Do all of the Disneys have the Fantasia Gardens?

  21. This is really cool. I hope to go someday and visit.

  22. This would be a blast to mini golf there!!! I had no idea this was at Walt Disney World!

  23. That looks like so much fun! I hope to go there sometime. My husband, girls and I love playing mini golf! We always have so much fun. This course looks so much fun!

  24. I haven’t been here. I need to go check it out with the family when we go to Orlando.

  25. This looks like such a fun event. I know the kids must have all had a wonderful time.

  26. This looks like such fun. I love how it’s all Disney themed – the kids would just love it.

  27. Who doesn’t love mini golf!!! I cannot wait to plan a trip to Disney! We will add this to our list to check out!

  28. I love Disney and all things Disney. I have never played their miniature gold though. How fun would this be.

  29. This looks so fun! I never knew they had mini golf! My kids would love to try this. We have got to get back to Disney soon.

  30. I didn’t know there was mini golf there?! Man, I really need another trip, there’s so much to do there!

  31. Jennifer Williams says:

    We played at a course near the All Star Sports resort, wish I had know this one was there then. My boys love mini-golf so we will check this out on the next visit – I love that it is Disney themed.

  32. Amy Desrosiers says:

    I have never been to Disney, but this looks like a fun place. I hope to someday bring my family there.

  33. We love to play miniature golf and this course is so nicely done. We would have a blast playing here for sure!

  34. There is SO much awesome in Disney- this just adds to the allure. I am a big fan of mini golf!

  35. That looks likes so much fun! Who doesn’t like mini golf??

  36. I like miniature golf. It looks like you had a fun time!

  37. We loved playing miniature golf as a family when my kids were young and I loved playing it when I was young too. It is one activity that just about everyone can enjoy. We haen’t been to Disney World but have been to Disneyland many times over the years. So much fun!

  38. Miniature golf is the only golf I know how to play and I don’t play it that well. I think that Disney would be a fun place to take the family as we have never been there. We are probably could be the only family on the planet who hasn’t been there.

  39. We have never golfed at Disney but one year we will make it over there. This course looks like a lot of fun and Fantasia is an amazing movie

  40. I totally want to visit. Sounds like a great place and super-fun for the family. Thanks for sharing.

  41. The last time I was at Disney was almost 20 years ago! I can’t wait to take my kids someday, once they’re a little bigger. I’m not sure who would be more excited – me or them!

  42. We’ve always missed the golf when we’ve gone! Looks like a darling course!

  43. I would love to go to Disney. I will add this to my list for vacation.

  44. This looks like a really fun course! We love playing mini golf as a family so maybe we will get there someday!

  45. I had no idea Disneyworld had miniature golf! Disney has literally everything!!

  46. I love miniature golf so I am definitely going to check this out when we go to Orlando next year. My teens and I love playing and we are very competitive with each other.

  47. I love mini golf, I think my oldest will be old enough to take this summer to play. I think it will be a mommy son date, and we will leave my 2 year old behind… I bet he would be dangerous with a golf club.

  48. What a fun mini golf course!!! I love to do mini golf with the family!

  49. All of a sudden I have an urge to play some mini golf. This is the best themed game of mini golf ever.

  50. That course looks really pretty and challenging! Looks like your son was having a blast!

  51. Eek! That course looks tough! But usually when my husband and I play mini gold I kick his butt!

  52. Looks like a neat course to take the kids to play – plus I would love this, too 😉

  53. I love mini golf. This looks like so much fun.

  54. I’ve never heard of this – -man there’s so much to do at WDW!

  55. This is so cute! I didn’t even know it existed, I would love to take the family!

  56. My son is starting to enjoy golf. I think he would love to take a trip and visit this wonderful park!

  57. That looks like a really good time. I didn’t know there was a Disney mini golf place.

  58. I have been here before, I love mini golf and this course was tons of fun!

  59. What a fun thing! My oldest daughter LOVES mini golf. I cant wait to take her

  60. This looks like it is so much fun. I am sure my boys would have a blast.

  61. I’ve never been to Disney World at all, and hope to one day when either my kids are old enough to come or old enough to be left with the grandparents.

  62. valerie g says:

    that looks like so much fun. I know my girls would love it!

  63. That does look like fun. I haven’t played miniature golf in years!

  64. That looks so much fun – it makes me want to give that a try – playing golf, haha!

  65. Rachelle J says:

    I love Mini golfing, it’s fun for the whole family! It looks like they had a great time!

  66. It looks like you had a blast. My son loves miniature golf. I will make sure to check it out with him

  67. This looks like such a fun and enjoyable place. I had a good time just looking at the photos of your family enjoying the place.

  68. I’ve always wanted to stop here but never did! It looks like a fun way to spend a vacation !

  69. This looks like an amazing place to visit. Disney and mini golf what a great combination.

  70. This looks like such a fun place to go miniature golfing. My kids are young but I would love to take them to a place like this when they are older.

  71. Sounds like so much of fun. Our family is great fan of Disney. I really love this mini golf play. We are planning for a trip to Disney during our next vacation. This would be a pleasant experience for my kids.

  72. Awe that looks like a great game!!

  73. That looks like such fun! I bet the kids had a blast

  74. Putting this on our itinerary next year

  75. I am definitely checking this out next time I go to the Orlando area! My grandkids love miniature golf!! It looks like a really fun place!!

  76. Hello…

    Looks like a neat course to take the kids to play – plus I would love this, too 😉

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