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We made these 2 following crafts for Earth Day but I am a bit behind in posting them. With having a new baby my time is limited. The following 2 crafts does require a bit of help from adults, the cutting off of the bottom of the water bottle.

The 1st craft is a water bottle flower.

Empty water bottle
Paint (acrylic)
Pipe cleaner
Hole puncher

First cut the bottom of the bottle, flatten it out using your fingers. At this point it will look like a flat circle. Then with your scissors follow the design of the bottle by cutting in between the patterns to create the petals of the flower. Then have your child paint the flower. When it dried my daughter painted the center a different color. Next take a pipe cleaner and bend into a flower stem along with the leaves. Finally use your hole puncher and punch a hole in the water bottle flower and loop the pipe cleaner through.

Next my boys made water bottle octopus.

Empty water bottle
paint (acrylic)
Googly eyes
Sharpie marker

First take the water bottle and cut off the entire bottom and then cut the body of the bottle in strips. Next have your child paint, then allow to dry. Then glue the googly eyes on and have your child draw a smile with a Sharpie marker. There you have an octopus!


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