We have our Valentine’s Day party with our homeschool group this Friday. The kids pass out Valentine’s to all their friends. My kids and I decided to make Monster Valentine’s mailboxes for their friends to put their Valentine’s in.

This is a great way to upcycle tissue boxes, oatmeal boxes, cereal boxes, etc. and for your kids to use their creative juices!

Materials we used:
Empty tissue boxes and oatmeal box
Tempera paint
Tacky glue
Elmer’s glue
Polka Dot stickers
Left over almond milk tops, milk tops
Scissors, paintbrushes

1st peel off any plastic around the opening of the tissue boxes

Have the kids paint the outside of the boxes. When dry have them paint polka dots on the outside or they can use polka dot stickers which you can find at Office Depot in the office supplies section. For my 2 year old he didn’t paint his box, I gave him a few sheets of the polka dot stickers and he stuck on his own polka dots.

With the cardstock, I just freehanded the teeth and we glued them to the inside of the tissue box and oatmeal openings with Elmer’s glue. The kids used a Sharpie to make their pupils inside of the almond milk tops and then I glued on where they wanted them glued using tacky glue. Let dry overnight.

This monster mailbox was made by my 5 year old.

Made by my 7 year old.

Made by my 2 year old

My 3 year old daughter is so girly, she did not want to do a monster mailbox, she wanted to do a garden mailbox. So she painted her tissue box all pink. Then I gave her large flower and butterfly stickers which she placed on the box and then she painted grass and the flower stems and pedals on the flowers.

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  1. I love this idea. I am on the look out for Valentine’s Day crafts at the moment for the kids parties at schools. Love this, pinned it so I can try to do it later.

  2. I love this idea. I am going to make a list of Pinned items in crafts so that my kids can review later and we can make things for their classmates. We have so many odds and ends craft items around the house that we shouldn’t have to spend money for Valentine’s Day gifts.

  3. So cute! I love using everyday items for crafts. Great idea for schools too!

  4. I adore this idea, and like that it uses things that I already have in the house.

  5. Very cute! Love the simplicity and upcycling

  6. How cute. My daughter and I will be making one for V-Day, too. And making our cards, too. Thanks for sharing.

  7. What a cute idea. I love that it re-purposes tissue boxes!

  8. Very cute idea! This would be great for kids for school or at home 🙂

  9. This is cute for them to collect their valentine cards in. I think this would be a good project for teachers to do with the kids at school. Thanks

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