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Homeschooling your older children can be difficult at times when you have younger children. So I came up with the following activities to keep them busy while learning at the same time.

Who doesn’t love the colored paint swatches from the hardware store? I use them for a bunch of different things, one of them is cutting them and making a matching game for my daughter, making 2 sets for each color, flipping them upside down and have her match the colors.

I save small empty bottles for vitamins, gum, candy, etc. and then have my little ones place all the snap tops or screw on tops on the matching bottles and then place them all in a large container. Great for dexterity!
I tied a large piece of yarn between 2 chairs and gave my kids Barrel of Monkeys, they hung them on the yarn.

I took Pom Poms from my craft bin, a pair of tongs that went to a board game and had my son transfer the pom poms using the tongs into an ice cube tray.
I hardly spend a lot of money on my Montessori / learning tools for my little ones, there are so many resources around the house. I have more of my ideas to share with you, put there are so many so I promise to post more soon!

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