I have been trying to keep up with the different holidays and themes for sensory boxes for my 2 little ones. They enjoy them and play with them for quite sometime. I made them a Valentine’s Day sensory box last week and they have pulled their boxes out quite a few times and have played. This time I made them each one of their own for 2 reasons 1) so there would be not bickering and 2) my daughter is 3 and a few of her items in her box are smaller than what I would given my 2 year old.
Most of the items I had from last year and each year I buy a few more things and add to it. This year I purchased a few more items at the Dollar Tree.

So what is in our sensory boxes?
Heat beads and chenille sticks (my daughter can thread the beads on the chenille stick)
Heart table scatter
Red, white and pink pom poms
Tongs, bowls, funnel, spoons, scoops
Valentine’s Day books
Heart containers (the kids can open and close)
Valentine’s erasers
Styrofoam Hearts connected to sticks
Shaker with holes
I love sensory boxes because it gives children free range to use their imaginations, teaches dexterity and hand and eye coordination. Gives them independent play and use of creativity!

This activity isn’t just geared to little kids, my 7 and 5 year old enjoy these sensory boxes too!

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