My 3 year old and 2 year old love when I make them sensory boxes. I try to make them for holidays and when they see me putting them together they can hardly wait for me to finish!
Here is one I put together last night for them to share.
 Red Shredded paper (free, came in a package of products I reviewed)
Grinch gems (I found at the pet store ($1.47)
Plastic candy canes (dollar store $1.00)
mini presents (dollar store $1.00)
Christmas erasers (I had)
Christmas colored pom poms (1.00) 
Tongs, scoops, bowls, ice cube trays (I had)
Jingle Bells (dollar Store $1.00)Total cost $5.47! I store these items away and will re-use next year!


They dig right in, my 3 year old likes to separate everything according to the item and transfer them all in once place while my 2 year old just digs in and makes a mess but has fun! Then my 2 year old enjoyed throwing all the red shredded paper all over my kitchen floor! Then he sang the clean up song as he cleaned it up!


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