My 2 year old LOVES doing sensory bins. I try to put one together for her using different theme’s every few weeks or so. Here is the Valentine’s one I put together for her.

So what’s in our Valentine’s sensory bin?
Several scoops of rice
Valentine related erasers
Plastic Hearts (found at Target)
Little plastic heart boxes w/ lids (Dollar Tree)
Big red and pink pom poms
A little heart bucket (Target for $1.00)
Foam heart stickers I stuck both sticky sides back to back.
A cup with 3 dividers in it.
Then last year I had gotten at Target some heart shaped ice cube trays, I laid those out too for her to use the tongs and place the pink hearts in each heart opening of the ice cube tray. She is always asking to play with this – perfect for when I am homeschooling my older 2 boys!

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