I have been making some of our own printables and I decided to share them with you! Here is a homemade number puzzle I made my 3 year old using the following printables I made:

Block Numbers 0 & 9
Block Numbers 1-4
Block Numbers 5-8

I printed the above pages, cut them out glued them on the back of colorful index cards. Waited for the glue to dry then cut each card/number in 1/2. My 3 year old matched the 2 1/2’s together to form the correct number. Then we went over 0-9 in order.
He loved this!

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  1. oo very fun idea!

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  3. cool! I tried to print it but it said I didnt have access to it?? what do i need to do.

  4. Great idea! Love it!

  5. Kelly – Sorry I forgot to change the setting to make public – I changed them, you can print them now. 🙂

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    Keri 🙂

  7. I love this idea. So simple to make too! My kids love anything to do with puzzles. Thanks for sharing!

  8. thanks!!!

  9. What a terific idea, I think my 3 yo would love this, she’s just obsessed with numbers. Im new to your blog but hopefully will have a chance to sit down and peruse undisturbed soon, so many wonderful ideas and link ups!

  10. I love this idea. My oldest will love it!

  11. What a simple idea but so much learning hiding within the fun challenge.

    Thank you for linking to We Play

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