Nature Study Co-op

We recently started a nature study co-op with a good friend and her children. Today we went to a beautiful gardens area where the kids observed and drew what they saw!

Lilac plant with a bee pollinating
Here is what my son drew
caterpillars on the leaves
Here is what my son drew
Observing nature, we caught a baby frog
We also bring along our field guide book and look up the insects, plants, etc. we see during our observing!
Letting a child explore God’s beautiful creations is such a blessing!


  1. Those nature pages are pages that you will treasure for years to come. I love the one with the caterpillars on it.


  2. Coming over from Friday Follow to say Hi!

  3. Great drawings! We are going to start incorporating more nature journaling/drawing this summer!

  4. Great drawings! We are going to start doing nature journaling/drawing this summer.

  5. I love his nature drawing. At some point I’ll get my boys to do that.

  6. Looks like a nice outing. Lilacs are my favorite! They’re such a sign of spring. I love their fragrance.

  7. Wow, what a great learning experience and I’m impressed by the pics. The are a great representation of what he saw!

    (I’m giving you an award on my blog :-))

  8. ids love drawing pictures of what they learn and I love seeing how they see it.

  9. What a great idea! I love your son’s nature drawings!

  10. Looks fun! I’m starting to miss the “exploring days” with little ones.

    Janet W

  11. Nature study and art is a MUST for next year’s curriculum for us!

  12. This is just awesome. I will have to do more nature studies with my children, Thanks for the inspiration!!

  13. Great observations, and drawings!

  14. What great week! Love the drawings!!

  15. I love the drawings – your son is great with pencil and paper!

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