8 Ways to Make Homeschooling Fun Again!

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How To Save Money On School Lunches

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Daily Homeschool Assignment Organization (Free printable)

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How To Create A Homeschool Co-op (Learn & Link)

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Our homeschool group is doing a little co-op on Animal Habitats. Thank you to April who taught the classes. The 1st few weeks were about deserts and … [Read more...]

Music Class – week 2

Both my boys using the shaker eggsJJ playing the triangleBaby Cat playing the rhythm sticksshaker tambourineJumping Bean jumping his frogs to a frog … [Read more...]


Homeschool Music Class - Week 1Rhythm SticksScarves - as the music pitches we high they raised their scarves, when the music pitches we low they … [Read more...]

Nature Study Co-op

We recently started a nature study co-op with a good friend and her children. Today we went to a beautiful gardens area where the kids observed and … [Read more...]

Earth Day stART & Co-op

We had a Earth Day co-op yesterday with our homeschool group this week! So I am incorporating our craft along with these books we read this week with … [Read more...]

Nutritional / Human Body Co-op

Today we had our nutritional co-op, this week was geared more to the human body. This co-op is done through our homeschool group. A very educated … [Read more...]