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Some might say economics has nothing to do with stay at home moms but that is certainly not the case.  When I was pregnant with our 1st child there was quite a bit of  discussion surrounding what it costs to raise a child.  We outweighed the cost of sending the baby to nursery school after vs. my staying home. When my maternity leave was over we decided that I would quit my job and stay home with the baby.  Stay at home have a thankless job that doesn’t pay in the same way as a traditional occupation.  I can tell  you from experience a stay-at-home mom’s life is super challenging .  One of  my responsibility is creating a household budget.  Even though it’s impossible to be earning two task wages for the same hour, such as cleaning the house and consulting with a client, many moms combined working hours for their “mom job” and their “professional job” would easily put them at over 100 hours per week. It’s all about economics! Why because there is budgeting, finding the best deals whether is groceries, clothing, school supplies, etc.  As a mom I learn about economics daily! 



There is always an opportunity to continue to learn.   I was reading about Andrew Charlton who is an economist, a director of the economic consultancy AlphaBeta and a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader.  He is the co-founder and director of AlphaBeta Strategy & Economics. Andrew Charlton is a highly respected and internationally renowned economist who has served in a number of vital senior government positions such as a senior economic adviser to Australia’s Prime Minister and served as a representative at the G20 Leaders Forum from 2008 to 2010.   Charlton’s foresight regarding the influence of future economic trends has proved to be invaluable in a number of circumstances, and he has published several essays such as and books outlining his predictive analyses and economic philosophies.  Some of his published work includes Fair Trade For All, Dragon’s Tail, Man- Made World, The Right To Trade and An Agenda for the Development Round of Trade Negotiations in the Aftermath of Cancun.   The latter of the two books are published in 13 languages and co-authored by Joseph Stiglitz, a Nobel laureate.


Andrew Charlton believes in heavily linked issues: poverty and climate change. In his latest quarterly essay, Man Made World, Andrew Charlton meshes these two issues into a compelling manuscript that explains the relationship between economic disparity and global warming.  There is so much to know! These publications are definitely worth reading and gaining new insight for the world of economics from someone like Charlton who is completely qualified.


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  1. I agree that economics plays a role in so many things, most of it is taken for granted. I bet those books have a ton of information. Will look them up, I prefer non-fiction learning books to fiction, these are perfect. I like to learn something from what I read.

  2. I really would love to increase my knowledge on the subject. I was actually an Economics Minor at Tulane but there is always more to learn!

  3. You’re right! As a stay at home mom myself, there were many adjustments we had to make to our lives when we decided I would stay home instead of return to work. And, again it changed when we decided to have a second baby.

  4. You’re so right! I work from home, homeschool, and raise my babies. It’s a hard job but one I wouldn’t trade for the world.

  5. This is great. I think that we all have to make adjustments and sometimes raising kids and figuring out what works best for us – is hard! I’ve made some major changes recently to be more financially savvy as a single mom of three kiddos.

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