Kids Bathroom Organizing Hacks

When kids share a bathrooms it can be quite a challenge. We currently have 5 out of 6 of our children sharing one small bathroom. A bathroom with only one sink.   Some of the kids were complaining how long their siblings were taking, etc.  One of the solutions was to get them more organized in hopes they would make their bathroom visits quicker.  These organization tips can be for any kids bathroom whether you have one child using the bathroom or multiple children using it. 

kids bathroom hacks

I found this nifty bar and hanging baskets at IKEA.  The bar was only $5.00 while the baskets were $3.00 each.  For now we have 4 hanging baskets.  Soon I will get another bar and two more baskets so that all six of my kids each have their own baskets.  Each basket is labeled with my kids names on them. They store their toothbrushes, toothbrushes, hairbrush, etc. in these baskets which keeps the bathroom vanity clutter free.

bathroom org tooth

Since I still have younger children who like to take bubble bathrooms I needed a place to store their bath toys.  The toys used to be everywhere which  made my older kids frustrated.  I used two plastic baskets  and two water resistant plastic hooks and stuck them in the shower to the tile spacing them approximately 24 inches apart from each other.  The kids can get to their toys easily plus the baskets are easy to clean if they get grimy with water.

bath toys

 Instead of keeping the kids different body washes, shampoo’s, conditioner’s and bubble bath I store it in the caddy next to the bath tub.  The caddy keeps the tub free of clutter especially since the kids all have their products they like to use to clean themselves. 


With six kids  you can imagine the mounds of laundry I do on a daily basis. To make my life a bit easier I bought one tall black laundry basket and one white laundry basket.  I have trained the kids to put all their dirty whites or light clothing in the white basket and all the dark clothing in the black basket.  This way I do not have to separate clothing before wash, they have already did it for me. I keep both of these baskets in their bathroom so there are not several baskets through out their bedrooms. 


What about those towels? Instead of the kids tossing their towels over the shower curtain rod to dry I used removable hooks for them to hang their towels on behind the bathroom door. The best thing is that you cannot see them because they are hidden behind the door! 




How to you keep your kids bathroom organized and clutter free?  


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  1. I love the idea of a caddy near the tub for shower products. I’m going to have to do that one!

  2. The baskets are a nice idea. I need to reorganize the kids’ bathroom!

  3. Brilliant! This reminds me of my childhood with four siblings. The five of us shared two bathrooms and we could have used these hacks!
    Now I have two kids and I do need to get them involved with clean up and good storage.

  4. i love that bath tub caddy. I only have one kid but at 16 you would think I had 20 with all is bath products. I am so borrowing these ideas.

  5. We had just three kids sharing a bathroom at once. To keep the towels organized, each had their own color. Since it was just three of them, we had one shower caddy, and they each had their favorite soaps. They are older, so they knew their own toothbrushes. It was also two girls and one boy, so we got small tote boxes to put their feminine products in so my son wouldn’t ‘accidentally’ bump into anything. Those were kept stacked neatly under the sink.

  6. We only have one bathroom in our home so organizing is huge. I found the best thing to do is declutter.

  7. Thanks for sharing these great hacks! I have 5 kids, one of which is potty training, so I need all the help I can get in the bathroom!

  8. OK, the hanging cups with everyone’s name on them for toothbrushes and whatnot is absolute genius! I love that idea so much!

  9. These are great ideas! I only have one daughter, and even just with her, the bathroom used to be a disaster. Honestly, it still is a little bit. LOL

  10. I have never seen a bar with hanging baskets like that before. That is a really good idea!

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