Travel Souvenirs From China

Occasionally my husband travels to China for business. I love hearing about his travels to other countries because the only international traveling I have done is to Canada.  So when he comes back home he shares his experiences with the kids and I. Things like the food, the lifestyle, etc. I guess you can say I am living vicariously through him in his travel experiences. 

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When time permits he likes to stroll through a market to pick up a few souvenir trinkets to bring back for the kids and I.  I wanted to share a few of the trinkets he recently brought back.

chinese goodies

Look at all the sweets! Can you spot the Chips Ahoy and Snickers? Honestly I was reluctant to try some of these items but after tasting a few they are amazing! Cookies with honey and caramel,  many of these goodies taste very Americanized. 

chinese minions

My husband has become a pro at using chopsticks as they are the main source of utensils in China. He thought it would be fun to buy the kids Minion chopsticks which are for the beginner, once experienced the Minion comes off and the chopsticks separate. It is neat to see my 2 year old learn how to eat with chopsticks! chinese chopsticks

Chinese are famous for their tea’s. So he brought back a few different tea’s for us to try out! 

chinese teaThis particular market he shopped at; Hongqiao Pearl Market is known for their pearls.  They have a floor dedicated to pearls. My husband purchased both our girls fresh water pearl bracelets. 

chinese pearls

I bet you are wondering what on earth this is! It is sugar cane. Yep my husband got stopped in customs with this one. They questioned him what it was, I do not blame them!  You cut off the ends and the outside and then suck the sugar out.  My kids look forward to doing this, especially since we live in Florida and sugar cane is grown here. We have never consuming it before! 

chinese sugar cane

He also brought me a silk scarf and a few other articles of clothing for himself like Tommy Bahama shirts that you could not purchase here in the states for less than $100! 


Interesting bunch of goodies. Have you ever traveled internationally and if so what neat souvenirs have you brought back? 


  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    Those minions chopsticks are SO cool. I love all the goodies he brought back for you guys!

  2. The freshwater pearls are beautiful your girls must have loved them.
    I hope he brought you home something with pearls too!
    I agree with Robin..the minion chopsticks are too fun!

  3. The Minion chopsticks are really neat. We love trying new foods from other countries so those snacks would be our favorite.

    • Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

      Yeah, we like trying different foods, too. My step son was in Russia recently and brought home some Russian goodies for us to try.

  4. I would have to get some of the tea. The tea at our local Chinese restaurant is from China and it is delicious.

  5. Catherine S says:

    It looks like he brought home a lot of great stuff. I love the Minion chopsticks. I have never traveled internationally.

  6. Wow what a fun gift for your hubby to bring home. I remember trying sugar cane once it wasn’t half bad.

  7. Haha, it’s funny that you said your International travel was to Canada, because I’m Canadian and my international travel is to the US. I usually bring back snacks and other types of food that we can’t buy here. I always do a Trader Joe’s run!

    • Trader Joe’s is one of my favorite stores here in the USA! Actually our homeschool group has a field trip there in a few weeks!

  8. Well China is the place for that sort of thing….since ALL stuff comes from there. Neat things for sure.

  9. Those chopsticks are adorable! Those souvenirs look really fun!

  10. Wow, he’s great at picking out souvenirs! He brought home some really cool things. That tea is going to be fun to try out.

  11. My husband has been to Shanghai several times for business. He brought me back the most beautiful porcelain doll. The Minions stuff is so cute!

  12. Ashley Sparks Mullins says:

    I’ve been to Australia and of course I brought back their cool money. But Australia is also known for Opals and I brought back pretty Opal necklaces back for my grandma.

  13. These Chinese souvenirs look beautiful. It’s great of knowing the culture of others. Your husband is lucky to travel there.

  14. Those things are so neat! I bet it’s always fun to see what he will find and bring home.

  15. Wow, what a neat assortment of souvenirs! I enjoy trying different kinds of candies from other cultures.

  16. This is sooo cool! I’ve always wanted to travel to China! Love the bracelet!

  17. Those chopsticks are awesome. My kids would love something like those. I think they are so fun, and who doesn’t love the minions? So many great souvenirs!

  18. Those Minions chop sticks are the coolest! It’s always so interesting to me to see how they market movies in other countries.

  19. Every time I travel abroad, I get souvenirs that are great reminders of that place. Usually things that a particular country is known for. Snacks of course, are always nice to take home with me.

  20. Love the chopsticks. I’ve been using them since I was a teenager but my kids are not that good with them yet.

  21. I love the Minion chopsticks! I also like the real bamboo chopsticks.

  22. whenever my husband travels, he always brings home money from foreign countries and the kids love it!

  23. WOw that is so cool he gets to go there once in awhile. Love the findings he came back with, they look and are very special!

  24. Um those minions are darling!!! My niece is having that as her bday theme, might need to get these for her!!!

  25. My father-in-law has gone to China numbers of times.
    I think it is nice that you have someone to live vicariously through.
    I also think it is cute your children are learning to use chopsticks (the Minion types sure look like fun!).

  26. How cool that he travels to China like that. I bet it is so fun to see all the stuff he brings back.

  27. It must be so much fun to live vicariously through his adventures. I’ve traveled all over the world but never to China. I’ve heard wonderful things about traveling there from friends.

  28. I love the pearls. I’m partial to them, and those Minion chopsticks are completely rad. My husband also travels a lot and it’s fun to see the things he gets to bring back. I like you live vicariously through his travels. 😉 My favorite thing thus far has been a ring with my favorite verse on it in Hebrew.

  29. I think it feels good when you have a chance to explore some different products from another country. A great collection of goodies that kids would love, particularly those Cookies with honey and caramel are going to be so much favorite with them.

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