Heart Shaped Cheese Quesadilla #ValentinesDay

Nothing more fun than having a Valentine’s Day themed lunch or dinner, right? My daughter asked me to make her a heart shaped cheese quesadilla. So I did just that! 

Quesadilla, Heart, Valentine's Day



Flour Tortillas

Shredded Cheese

Coconut Oil

Kitchen Scissors

Cheese Grater


First take two flour tortillas stacking them on top of each other and then folding them in half. Then with the scissors cut half of the heart (when opened it will form a full shaped heart).  We opted to shred our own cheese because my daughter wanted to do this task, she thought it would be fun so I happily allowed her to do so! Allow pan to get hot and add a teaspoon of coconut oil to the pan so that the quesadilla does not stick. Next place one heart in the pan, add the shredded cheese and then the other side of the heart on top. Adjust the temperature to medium and allow each side to cook for approximately 2-3 minutes. Keep watch to make sure it does not burn.


Tip: The leftover’s from cutting out the hearts for the the tortilla’s I saved because I will use them for a treat for the kids which you can find HERE.


Add salsa to the side for dipping and you are all set! My kids loved it! What type of heart shaped foods have you made for Valentine’s for your kids? 


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  1. The girls are all about anything heart shaped. They will love this!

  2. I love this! My kids saw it, and started oo’ing – “mom it’s a heart! Can you do that?” I think we may have some heart shaped something for dinner tonight.

  3. This is a super cute idea! I love that it could be used year round just to tell your family you love them.

  4. You know, it’s the simple things that make all the difference. My kids love their quesadillas, but I never thought about making shapes out of them. How fun is that?

  5. Catherine S says:

    What a cute and yummy idea. This will make a great lunch on Valentine’s Day.

  6. My kids used to love when I made heart shaped food for Valentine’s Day. This would have been right up their alley.

  7. Oh this looks so cute. It’s all about shaping everything with a heart on Valentine’s Day!

  8. What a fun idea! I am thinking that would be a great snack for tomorrow night or sunday night when we are watching a movie. Thanks1

    • Catherine S says:

      I agree it is a fun idea. My son always seems to like a themed lunch for holidays. I will have to make this for him.

  9. Cheese quesadilla? Sound delicious! The heart shape will also promote a romantic ambience. I’d definitely try this. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Yum. This looks and sounds just delicious. Such a fun idea, I know my kids would really enjoy something like this. Perfect snack!

  11. Rebecca Swenor says:

    These heart shaped cheese quesadilla look delicious. I will be making heart shaped cookies for my sons. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Looks like the kids would love to have this for Valentine’s day breakfast or snack. My kids are all grown up and they have their own Valentine’s day planned out. For dinner tonight, I will make Chili-garlic shrimp served on a sizzling plate and some Asian greens sauteed in oyster sauce.

  13. A heart-shaped quesadilla is just so unique PLUS I like that this is cheese quesadilla. I am excited to try your recipe and I might even have two or three kinds of cheese with my quesadilla ( sorry, cheese-lover here )

  14. Great idea! I bet my kiddos would get a kick out of this if I did this for lunch for them today. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  15. Good idea and it looks tasty too.

  16. Love fun food ideas for kids. This is great because it’s easy too.

  17. That would totally make my day to have heart shaped quesadillas. I love quesadillas anyhow, but this is perfect!

  18. Delicious and beautiful recipe for Valentine’s Day! I love pancakes.

  19. Awww! What a cute idea! A great way to make a simple meal that will create memories for your littles. 🙂

  20. I think that is super cute! Who says Valentine’s Day treats have to be sweet?

  21. This is a great idea! I love that it could be used all the time! Yummy!

  22. Love this, great idea, we just had a lunch like this on Valentine’s Day yesterday!

  23. I’ve actually never thought about making a heart quesadilla! So awesome. Nothing says I love you, like cheeeese!

  24. That is SO adorable, my husband would of loved that for lunch! We love Mexican food.

  25. This is the cutest idea! This is something my husband could easily make for our family to enjoy eating and so thoughtful!

  26. Allyson Becker says:

    okay. Now you have done it. I desperately want some quesadillas. LOL

  27. Very cute snack idea. Coconut oil is my favorite thing to cook with. I love making coconut oil pancakes – they’re so flavorful.

  28. This is such a cute idea, I used to eat these all the time when I lived in Mexico

  29. What a romantic looking Quesadilla!!! I never thought of shaping up the quesadilla I serve my family. Thanks for the idea.

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