Pregnancy Ultrasounds Are Not Always Right!


I am still trying to wrap my head around something.  If you are a reader here at Mama to 5 Blessings you may recall an article I wrote about how I revealed the gender of our 6th baby to our children 3 weeks ago after having my 19 week ultrasound.  I had it all planned, I knew this was going to be our last baby so I had to do something fun for the revealing. My husband even video taped their reaction. 

pregnancy ultrasound

Prior to my 19th week ultrasound on December 30th we had no idea what the sex of the baby was. To me it did not matter what we were having, just prayed for a healthy baby. During my ultrasound the technician told me it was a girl. I cried, it was a reality, I was going to have another girl – a 3rd daughter. It was even 3 boys, 3 girls. Yippee! I knew my 6 year old daughter would be thrilled to have another baby sister. Thrilled was an under statement! 


Last week I went for another ultrasound because the one prior the baby was in an odd position and they could not get a clear picture of the heart and other vital organs. Since I homeschool, my husband is at work the kids typically go with me to my appointments, including this appointment. M kids oldest daughter and youngest son sat in a chair next to me during the ultrasound while my other 3 kids sat on a bench in the same room. My daughter and I were talking to each other and calling the baby a girl. The technician stopped and looked at me and said, girl, who told you it was a girl? I explained that their other office location did the month prior. She proceeded to tell me the baby was not a girl but a boy! WHAT?????!!!!! I should have known, as soon as the technician pulled the baby up on the ultrasound the baby was pointing, pointing in the direction of proof that he was a boy!

pregnancy ultrasound

For the past 3 weeks we have called the baby a girl.  My family got used to the idea of having another girl. I was looking forward to pulling out all the baby clothes I saved from my other 2 girls and using again. I had a girl name picked out.  Could this really be happening? Oh my poor daughter she was beside herself during the ultrasound. She cried. She told the technician they lied to us (she has no filter) and maybe God could change her into a girl. God can do anything but I was sure this baby was a boy and going to stay that way I told her. 

pregnancy ultrasound

I left the office in complete awe. I immediately called my husband who was shocked. A week today we received the news and I am getting used now calling the baby he instead of she. My boys are happy about the news. As for my daughter  I think it is wearing off on her. She has no choice, right? Just thankful that the baby is healthy. Still cannot believe this happened!  


I wonder what the next ultrasound will bring? Have you ever had this happen to you before? 


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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    Oh man! Well, as long as he’s healthy that is what counts. I remember going for my first US when I was pregnant with my oldest. I was so excited to find out the gender, but he was in a weird curled up position and the tech couldn’t see. I left in tears because I had my heart set on finding out.

  2. Oh my gosh. This has never happened to me. I’d be soo upset. With baby #3 the ultrasound that usually tells us they couldnt get a good look so I paid $25 to have a quick 20 minute ultrasound at a later date to find out…. all other times baby was happy to show us. I couldn’t imagine.

    • Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

      Me neither, but I think some re-training on the tech’s part needs to happen 🙂

      • Agreed. For sure. I would be so upset, I remember when #3 was said to be a girl I cried and cried and cired…. I wanted a boy so badly. Of course it was fine and I got over that really quickly but I couldn’t imagine telling everyone, preparing and then OH NO SORRY JUST KIDDING! Here there are very limited hospitals that can even tell you the gender… for this exact reason!

  3. Oh wow! It has never happened to me personally but I have heard a few stories like yours! I’m sure your daughter will recover and love her baby brother very much. What a shock!

  4. I had no idea they could be wrong. I never asked to know what I was having before the baby was born. Congrats on the little boy!

  5. You know….this happened to my daughter’s friend. They planned a baby shower around a girl…but it was a BOY!!

  6. Oh that is most definitely a boy! ha! It’s a good thing you found out before buying a bunch of pink stuff. Congrats again!

  7. Wow! That’s quite the oversight. I have heard of this happening to people before. Congrats on having another boy! At least you know now and you can get ready for another little man 🙂

  8. We chose not to know so we would be surprised. Plus It was this sort of situation that kept me from wanting to know.. I didn’t want to think I was having one thing only to be told it was another. We just waited like they did in the old days till the little man popped out.

  9. Surprise surprise! huh? I was a tad nervous with my first baby that it would really not be a boy and that was what we were preparing for. But it is an exciting roller coaster for sure! Congrats on your coming birth!

  10. Oh my goodness! I think we become so dependent on these things but this just shows that it isn’t always dependable!

  11. That would really be very frustrating if that happens to me. I sure hope it was not done deliberately.

  12. I never had the experience of an ultra sound changing the sex of a child. It seems like a traumatic experience.I am glad that your new young man is healthy.

  13. Congratulations! I can sympathize with your daughter-I have two younger brothers. The first one I was thrilled for. The second one I bawled when my mom told me. “Not another one!” HAHA. Also, the ultrasound when my mom had me was highly inaccurate too. They told her I was going to be early and tiny-3 or 4 lbs. I was born 8lbs 3oz. Definitely not tiny!

  14. Wow! That really is a surprise. I hope your daughter is feeling a little better by now about her new little sister actually being a little brother.

  15. I would probably be a little upset if this happened to me! Congradulations on the boy!

  16. I think healthy is the most important too! that would have thrown me for loop for sure! Hopefully you didn’t start painting a room ink!

  17. I have not, but I have three boys and a girl. WIth my girl I wondered if they were right. 🙂

  18. Congratulations! I had a troubled pregnancy,so we knew early on that we were having a boy! Can’t wait to see your new bundle of joy!!!

  19. This is one reason why we’ve decided to never find out in advance!! We’re very uneven – 7 boys 1 girl hahaha!

  20. Congrats on having a boy. I also have a friend who has 4 girls.

  21. Not gender related but when I was pregnant with my first son they said he was going to have cleft lip and palate.. An entire operating team was waiting in the delivery room and it turned out he was fine. My second pregnancy showed nothing on ultrasound and my son was born with some defects. I don’t trust any ultrasound now.

  22. I’ve heard this happen to others through mutual friends of mine. It must be hard for those parents who never find out about the mistake and end up buying everything in a gender specific color.

  23. I very much agree with you that those pregnancy ultrasounds cant be right always, but I cant even imagine how I could have reacted with what you have gone through. Anyway good luck with the little baby boy.

  24. Hmmm – perhaps a 3rd ultrasound will reveal one of each! 🙂

    Either way congrats!

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