Combing Through Fur To Find Bones #OwlPellets (Almost) Wordless Wednesday With Linky



Last week in our homeschooling group (Classical Conversations) the kids got to dissect owl pellets. It was gross but a great experience all at the same time! I was in my 4 year old son’s class helping, here are a few pictures of my little guy in action looking for bones in the pellet which, by the way there were lots of! We matched the bones up – he found mice and shrew bones! 

owl pellet dissect, homeschool

This was a great hands on learning experience for my 4 older children. Have your kids ever dissected owl pellets?


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  1. Interesting project for kids.
    Thanks for hosting, have a great day!

  2. I don’t know if my kids have done that, maybe in science class. It looks pretty discusting! Thanks for linking up. Have a great week.

  3. Jenna Wood says:

    I did this but much older than age 4! It’s great that you have such hands on experiments in your home school group!

  4. I don’t remember doing that; the frog was enough when I was in school. I’m too squeamish

  5. I did this in 6th grade at a science camp we went to for school. It was really cool. My kids would think this was awesome.

  6. ewww. owl pellets..i remember the days of dissecting those!!

  7. Oh this is so cool! I remember doing this and I’m pretty sure my kids did it too.

  8. Interesting, but a bit gross.

  9. Wow!! Interesting! 🙂

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