1980 Classics, My Childhood Favorites From That Time!


On Facebook a few days I saw a post that triggered a childhood flashback hence the reason I write this post. Thinking back about my childhood and today being  my birthday I am feeling nostalgic! The 80’s were one of my favorite times. From the fashions, fads, music, etc. So I am sharing some of those favorites with you.


The Plastic Charm Necklace was what I saw on Facebook.  I had a pink necklace with several charms. I remember when you worn it and with any movement all the bells on the charms would jingle. For the life of my I cannot what charms I had and most of all I wish I still had it so I could pass it down to my 6 year old daughter.

Photo Courtesy of HubPages

Photo Courtesy of HubPages


Parachute pants – (mine were gray with black zippers) When you wants they made the loudest swishing noise. Imagine school with kids wearing these pants and all the noise! 

Photo courtesy: Retroland

Photo courtesy: Retroland


80’s Music was fun, hip and great to dance to! Definitely blows the music out of the water that kids listen to today! Girls Just Want To Have Fun was just one of my 80’s favorite’s.

I remember when I was 10 years old when my parents bought me the original Cabbage Patch Kids Doll. My doll had red hair and braids. Thankfully I still have my doll which I have lovingly passed her down to my oldest daughter.

1980's cabbage patch kids, Toys, Girls, Dolls, Vintage

Photo Courtesy of SheKnows

Everyone wore the rubber/ jelly bracelets and rings. I used to wear the bracelets about 3 inches up from my wrists! 

1980's rubber bracelets

Speaking of jelly, I had a few pair of Jelly Shoes. They were so convenient because if they got wet when you wore them no problem however, they were not very comfortable! 

1980's jelly shoes, Shoes, Vintage, Fashion

Photo Courtesy of Best of The 80’s

Other things I remember are AquaNet hairspray, sticker books, Swatch Watches, mood pens, beaded socks, pet rocks, troll dolls, Dukes of Hazard, Knight Rider, florescent was the hottest craze and what about the original Rubix Cube?! They say all this is vintage now, really? So I guess not that I am 42 I am vintage. I do not feel vintage! What were you favorite things from the 80’s? 


  1. Robin Masshole mommy says:

    I had all of those things. Jelly shoes were awesome back in the day LOL.

    • Yes, I do not see them around but if I do I am so buying a pair!

      • Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

        I think they tried to make a comeback a couple of years ago because I saw some kids wearing them, but I looked and couldn’t find them anywhere 🙁 I totally would have bought a pair for myself.

  2. I, like, totally love this post! It, like, is so rad!

    I loved how this post made me smile. And it brought back such wonderful memories. To this day, nothing beats the jellies!

  3. Jelly Shoes were such a huge deal in the 80’s! They were kind of like what Crocs did to footwear for awhile! lol They were totally ridiculous, but I love them…like most stuff in the 80’s. I’m convinced the 80’s was the best decade, so far!

  4. Oh my gosh does that bring me back to my youth! I totally forgot about the charms! I had a TON Of them! Does this make me old? LOL

  5. Girls Just Want to Have Fun was such a great song! I remember dancing around to that one.

  6. Oh my goodness, those SHOES!!! I had them in every color, I think LOL

  7. I remember those jelly shoes. They rubbed some nasty blisters onto my feet, but they looked cool.

  8. Catherine S says:

    Boy does this bring back memories. I remember going to mall with my siblings and buying parachute pants

  9. I owned all those things, I just wish I still had the charm necklace. I always thought it was neat and a fun way to collect.

  10. The shoes! Sorry jellies, lol I remember those so well but never wore them . ALl my friends had them

  11. The 80’s were the best! Such a fabulous decade to grow up in. I never wore parachute pants but I had plenty of jelly shoes, rubber bracelets, and BIG hair, lol.

    • Oh yeah I had the big hair too! I would spray it with hairspray and hold my hair straight up and use the hair dyer to harden it in place! LOL

  12. I remember the 80’s. I loved the music.

  13. I was an 80’s twentysomething, so the Jellies were big for me. I did not get into the parachute pants.

  14. I remember the huge cabbage patch craze! Everyone was looking to get one of those.

  15. My feet hurt just looking at the jelly shoes…every time I wore them I got a rock stuck in one of the little holes on the bottom and they HURT. I so miss the big hair of the 80’s….

  16. I remember all of these! So much fun, the 80s were.

  17. I was one of the out of control mothers trying to get her hands on a Cabbage Patch kid. I was successful

  18. The music and fashion were very unique to the 1980’s for sure!
    And Aquanet Hair Spray was everywhere!

  19. I had every single charm available and loved it. And those jelly’s… oh my goodness, I loved them and wore them all the time.

  20. Good job making me feel old! 🙂 That charm necklace and the jelly shoes make my heart ache with longing for being a kid again.

    • I agree! I would love to go back to that time to visit. I miss being a kid too but as mom’s we ca re-live it through our kids!

  21. These are all so cool! I loved the Cabbage patch kids dolls .. they were so cute yet kinda creepy. I actually just bought my self a pair of parachute pants and they are no going anywhere

  22. Jelly shoes were/are my favorite for summer shoe. I even wore some to a wedding this year!

  23. The jelly shoes were so awesome. I had at least two pairs.

  24. Wow…seeing this post bought back memories. I remember the charms….thought they were really cool and fun to collect. I never did own a pair of the jelly shoes or parachute pants.

  25. I was born in 81 so a lot of what I remember is late 80’s. Cabbage Patch and Jellies for sure but also my Pillow Person, Popples, and Puffy Smelly Stickers!

  26. Those are definitely 80s! I miss the jelly shoes and the hair. Hahaha. I love Cyndi Lauper, too.

  27. Sabrina @ Dinner, then Dessert says:

    I love 80s nostalgia! It reminds me of when I was growing up!

  28. I have a retro pinterest board like this post. I have to avoid it for the most part or I could spend hours pinning nostalgia, lol. It’s fun. 🙂

  29. Thank you for taking me back memory lane. I also had jelly shoes and those jelly bracelets. I used a lot of AquaNet hair spray too!

  30. Man I loved those jelly shoes. I had so many pairs, I can laugh now but they were amazing back then. My kids really missed out, lol!

  31. Oh my that is taking me way back. I had a pair of those jelly shoes. I thought I was so cute wearing them. LOL

  32. I was obsessed with jelly shoes back in the day. I think they brought them back again this year or last!

  33. These are totally 80s! I also remember the high hair and the preppy look.

  34. Happy Birthday!
    I so did and still do love Cyndi Lauper’s Music – fun post down memory lane! Thanks for the reminders 🙂

  35. When your post opened on my computer, I screamed out loud. I haven’t seen a charm necklace in so long. I wish I still had mine! I must have had a pair of jellies in every color.

  36. I had forgotten those shoes. Now I’m all nostalgic again.

  37. Oh my! The charm necklace! I used to get new charms from the ice cream man at the town pool! That sounds terrible, doesn’t it? Brings me back though!

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