Making The Decision To Putting Women’s Health First!

This is a sponsored post. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.


Planning on starting a family or already have one? Though we know our children come first, it’s also critical we still look after ourselves when it comes to women’s health.   If I did not take care of myself then how am I to care for my 5 little ones? 



women's health


If you’ve purchased over the counter medication in the past year or plan to in the future you can apply for Prestige’s exclusive online community.  There you can learn from other women while providing your opinions and feedback directly to Prestige decision-makers.


As a member you’ll be part of an exclusive group that provides Prestige with feedback and perspective on their products and how they impact you. To thank you for your impact on the brand, you’ll receive a $5 Amazon gift code for joining and an additional $10 Amazon gift code each month for participating.


 Sounds great right? Space is limited so hurry to see if you quality HERE.


This is a sponsored post. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.  Mama to 5 Blessings is disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.   




  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    This sounds great. I spend so much time worrying about my kids, that I forget to take care of myself sometimes.

  2. That sounds like it could be really helpful. I’m heading over to check it out. Thanks.

  3. This sounds like it would be really helpful! I know I put everyone else’s needs before my own! Thanks for sharing the site!

  4. Thanks- I love being compensated for providing feedback. I’m going to look into it!

  5. I never heard of Prestige’s before but I would love extra money!!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing. I am ready to join it, sounds like a great site ^_^

  6. I have three little ones and I have been trying to remember that I need to take care of myself too, but it’s hard.

  7. I have never heard of prestige, sounds like a good thing if you want to make extra money.

  8. This is interesting! I’ll have to find out more about Prestige – this is my first introduction to them!

  9. It’s imperative to look after our own health. I will pass along this info to all the women I know.

  10. Health is so important, we get so wrapped up in a busy life, we need to focus on our health and such. Sounds like a neat thing, thanks for sharing gonna check it out!

  11. Catherine S says:

    This sounds interesting I will check it out. I seem to take care of everyone else and not myself.

  12. I think we all do it. But it’s like they show you on the airplane – do your mask first. Otherwise you’re no good to anybody.

  13. This sounds like a good, simple way to make some extra money. I agree with you, we need to put ourselves first!!

  14. I am so busy taking care of everyone else I forget about me sometimes. The sounds really good.

  15. This sounds really interesting. I would love to check it out and see if it would be helpful but I’m sure it’s not available to me here! Great for those it can benefit!

  16. Good way to get stuff for free too! I;m curious enough to go and look into this.

  17. We must put ourselves first. We could all really use the extra money we save I am sure. I am going to try this for certain.

  18. I have four children. It feels like I have been a mom forever. I know all too well how women seldom think of their own health. Me included. Going to check this out more

  19. Wow, I had no clue this even existed. I love being able to share my opinions and earning some moolah will be nice. Thanks so much for sharing…

  20. This sounds like something that would be fun to sign up for and be able to chat about different products. Also pretty nice getting the Amazon GCs too.

  21. What a great way to build a connection with Prestige and other women. That’s a really nice incentive to start up too!

  22. I think that is something that happens too frequently; we focus so much on our kids that we forget about ourselves. It’s very important to remember to take care of ourselves.

  23. Very cool! I am really bad about this so I rushed over to sign up. I need to remember to put myself on the to-do list.

  24. I could use some help getting myself back into great shape. I will most definitely look into this.

  25. I do forget to take care of myself. Usually it’s too late and I can feel the cold coming on before I realize I need to slow down, get my vitamins, drink more water, etc.

  26. I focus so very much on my family to where I often times forget about myself. Bad, I know. I’ definitely be looking into this, thanks!

  27. This sounds like an amazing opportunity. I never think about taking care of myself until it’s too late. Thanks for the reminder!

  28. Debbie Denny says:

    That sounds really great. Will check it out. Thanks.

  29. I am so bad about taking care of everyone else and leaving myself last. I need to put myself first more often.

  30. Thanks for sharing this you are absolutely right as a busy Mom I tend to put everyone else’s health before my own. I am certainly going to check this out right away! Thanks!

  31. This does sound very helpful. I’m going to check more into this. Thank you for sharing.

  32. Time for moms to take there of themselves! This is great!

  33. This is the first that I’ve heard of Prestige. I love that they are supporting women to encourage them to make their own healthcare a priority.

  34. Prestige sounds like an interesting program! I purchase OTC medication all the time so I’ll definitely check this out. Earning Amazon gift codes is a plus also!

  35. Women’s health is very important. I recently made sure that I went for my yearly gynecological appointment to put my mind at ease.

  36. I like how the brand encourages you to provide feedback Sounds like a great way to develop a relationship.

  37. This is such a very important post. What an interesting program. I am going to have to check it out!

  38. This does sound like a good idea for sure. Prestige is something I have never heard of until this post.

  39. I have never heard of Prestige before. Sounds like an interesting program though!

  40. Great idea. Companies need to hear from the women that really need and use their products.

  41. As a mom, I have to keep healthy! I’m not allowed any days off!

  42. I have not heard of this before!! I know I have forgotten my meds before since I was so busy.

  43. What an interesting program. I have never head of it before.

  44. Sounds like a great program especially for amazon lovers!

  45. What a great idea, love that Prestige has a supportive online community where you can learn and motivate each other to take better care of your health.

  46. This sounds like something I would be interested in and I’m going to see if there is a spot left for me. Thanks so much for the info and the opportunity.

  47. Customer feedback is a big thing these days. Sounds like a way to make something for your time.

  48. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    It is so important for Moms to take care of themselves. It can be so easy to forget about ourselves when we are busy taking care of everyone else.

  49. As a mom to a child with a rare genetic disorder and having the same genetic disorder myself it’s very easy to slip though the cracks of taking care of you whileyou take care of others. I am heading over to check out the site thanks for sharing.

  50. This sounds really great. I agree that women’s health is so important. I always plan a lot to take care of my own, but I never did this. Prestige looks like a great online community which could help in connecting with other women that will help sharing opinions & feedback’s.

  51. I filled out the application. I think it’s really important to put our health first and if we don’t then everyone suffers.

  52. This sounds like a great community and I love that it’s a place to share and learn from each other. I’m signing up now!

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