4th of July Tie Dye Medallion Decorations #KidsCraft

Unfortunately this week we are home bound. I have 2 little ones with fevers who have been resting. So with the other 3 children I have been doing activities. I wanted to do some kind of 4th of July craft with them but it had to be easy enough for my 26 month baby to be able to do it too. I was going to do paper medallions but I figured that would not be much fun for my little one. So who does not like coffee filter crafts? My baby certainly did and so did my 2 oldest boys.


 4th of July Tie Dye Medallion Decorations


4th of july medallion button use



Coffee Filers

Red and Blue Washable Markers (Crayola works best)

Glue stick, scissors

Something to trace a large and small circle (I used 2 different cups)

Star stickers

Double sided tape

Water spray bottle

4th of july medallion collage

I gave the kids the markers and a regular coffee filter to color. While they colored the filters I took a drinking cup and traced a circle in another coffee filter and then used a smaller cup and traced a smaller circle. Once they colored all their circles we went outside with a spray bottle and sprayed the circles with water and let them sit outside to dry which does not take very long. Then with a glue stick they stacked the circles from the largest to the smallest. 

4th of july medallion decorate

Then add the stars.  I took double sided tape and we hung them on the outside of the front door. We have an overhang so when it rains they do not get wet. 


Not only is this a nice easy craft for little ones but it is great for dexterity from coloring, spraying the water bottle, gluing to sticking the star stickers on. My little one loved it and when she see’s it on the door she gets excited because she knows she made it and she can even spot hers out between her’s and her brothers! 


Looking for more kids 4th of July crafts? Here are a few more we have done over the years:

Tin Can Windsock

Popsicle Stick Stars


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  1. Robin Masshole mommy says:

    Those are seriously cute. I love how they turned out.

  2. These are a perfect activity for the little ones on a rainy afternoon this week as well. We are on vacation and it looks like rain a couple of days this week. I will have to set aside some coffee filters for all the girls. Have a great weekend!

  3. I love this! What a cute craft to teach about Independence Day, keep the kids entertained, and make some decorations for the house too!

  4. We have that superman shirt! It’s a favorite.
    A great craft to do with the kids, and very nice decoration too!

  5. What a fun patriotic craft idea. Hope the kids are all feeling well soon!

  6. These turned out so cute! My kiddos love doing these type of crafts especially if I put them out for decorations! Very cute!

  7. These medallion decorations are perfect for the Fourth of July. They certainly inspire patriotism in anyone who sees them.

  8. That’s so fun! My kids would have a blast doing it.

  9. Those look like lots of fun to make and as you said even little ones can do it! I love to see the pride in their eyes when they see their work of art prominently displayed.

  10. what a great idea and cheap too! I love it!

  11. what a fun craft and they are so cute as well. I sure hope your little ones feel better soon.

  12. I love hearing about crafts that work for more than one age. And I know my boys would have fun squirting water at the circles!

  13. What a cute project for kids to do to get ready for the fourth. I think this is wonderful.

  14. This is such a Fun and easy D-I-Y. I think Tie & Die makes things look like a lot f work went into it when that isn’t the case

  15. Creative! It is amazing that you can do a craft with no notice with such young children. Good work.

  16. I love that these are made from coffee filters! Such a cute, creative, and relatively easy craft to do for the 4th of July!

  17. This is a fun and engaging way to get the kids involved. I love that it does not involve electronics and is so hands on. Very crafty and clever!

    • Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

      We are all about being hands on as much as possible, too! Yay for no electronics.

  18. These are really cute and easy. Plus you can put them in the windows!

  19. Thank you for this!!!! I think we are making these today!!!! It’s raining and I know they will be “bored” in no time.

  20. These are too cute! What a great idea for a fun craft to do with things u have around the house.Go Red, white and blue! Hope your kids feel better!

  21. What I love most about this craft is that it can encourage independence in my little guy. There are so many steps he can do himself — and feel so proud that he did so. Great idea!

  22. What a cute craft to do with the little ones! Mine had such a hard time using a spray bottle at that age. Now at 8, they could do this in a snap!

  23. Who would have guessed something so simple could turn out so cute?! I like crafts that are easy for all ages and abilities.

  24. This is such a great idea. My kids love doing crafts with me, and I always try to pick things that are fun and easy. This is both. Thanks so much! =D

  25. This is a great project for any little kid. The beauty of paper plate projects is how easy they are to make. The kids can feel accomplished rather than frustrated and defeated. I think these are great!

  26. These medallions are super cute. And look how much fun the little girl had making them.

  27. What a fun and patriotic project. My kids will love this!

  28. Oh how cute and sparkly. Very festive for the upcoming holiday weekend!

  29. Those turned out great! I love his concentration while he’s working LOL

  30. Simple! I love this! I never use our coffee filters and I know all my kids would love this!

  31. Really cute, perfect for a long weekend at home. Giving it a try with my little ones for sure!

  32. Hey those are so fun! What a great way to celebrate the upcoming holiday!

  33. Cool project and your little one looks the same age as mines so I’m sure she could do this to. Thanks for the ideas.

  34. What a fun idea. I love that you turned this into fun outdoor play.

  35. That is such a great craft idea for kids. Very festive too. Thanks for sharing.

  36. What a bummer to be sick in the summer. My oldest is under the weather right now and just called off work. Thankfully his little one hasn’t gotten it yet. Happy 4th to you!

  37. These turned out so cute! Coffee filters were always fun when I was younger, especially coloring them.

  38. These turned out super cute! This will be fun to try to replicate with my 5 year old little boy.

  39. Those are very cute. So Captain America looking, too!

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