Refreshing Treats For The Summer With Classic Drinks #NeverEndingSummer


The weather has been so hot here in Florida, with many days with temperatures highs of  the mid 90’s.  The kids playing outside in the water definitely helps keeping them cool off but during their play I like giving them refreshing treats.

kool aid pops a 

Using the Tropical Punch Kool-Aid Easy Mix Liquid (following the directions on the bottle which is just adding water) I poured into a Popsicle tray and added fresh chopped strawberries in the mix.  Froze over night. The next day the kids had tasty refreshing Kool and Fruity pops which are the perfect summer treat! 

kids picnic

I remember my mom making me Kool-Aid and Country Time Lemonade as a child but now it has gotten so much easier to make. No adding sugar, just simply pour the contents in a pitcher and add water. Makes 6 quarts or 3 pitchers. Super easy to make, kids can even make it themselves!   kool aid  country time a Another recipe my kids enjoy while they play outdoors are Lemon Drop Sugar Cookies using Country Time Lemonade Starter as the start ingredient.  

lemon drop sugar cookies a


Lemon Drop Sugar Cookie Recipe:


 2 cups of flour

 1/4 tsp salt

  3/4 cup sugar

  1 large egg

 1/4 cup softened butter

 1 tsp vanilla

 1 1/2 tbsp Country Time Lemonade Starter 

 Yellow candy sprinkles for topping 


 Combine all the dry ingredients together and give them a good mix by a whisk or in a mixer. Next add the egg, butter, vanilla and Country Time Lemonade Starter and mix until completely combined. Scoop out into small balls and flatten and then drizzle a bit of the yellow candy sprinkles on the top of each cookie and bake for 10-12 minutes on 325 degrees. 

 joy outside play

Kool-Aid Mix Liquids have 50% less sugar than leading regular sodas with only 40 calories per 1-24th bottle.  Kids will enjoy 3 yummy flavors: grape, cherry, tropical punch! Country Time Lemonade Starters only has 50 calories per 1-24th bottle with 0 mg caffeine/serving.  Country Time Starters comes in 4 refreshing flavors: half-lemonade and half-iced tea, berry lemonade and classic lemonade.  You can pick up these summer goodies at Walmart . Product Asset   How do you and your children cool off during the summer? What fun outside activities do you do? What yummy refreshing treats do you make while enjoying the great outdoors?  Yum


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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    My kids would LOVE those cookies. They sound awesome.

  2. I love lemon- so these lemon cookies sound absolutely delicious!

  3. Okay… I want one of those tents. We are taking the Grandkids on vacation and I want to set up a tent for each of them in the house for their sleeping area. These would be perfect!!

  4. Those cookies sound like I would love them and they sound so easy to make! I don’t generally buy Kool Aide but if it is sugarless I just might give it a try (especially in those cookies!!)

  5. Tiffany Steadman-Collins says:

    I remember drinking country time lemonade growing up and still enjoy it now. I love the squeeze packs as I always liked mine a little stronger then my sister so this way we can all get what we want and exactly how we want it.
    PS I love your tents! My little guy saw them and said I go mommy lol

  6. I would have never thought to use Kool-Aid in a cookie recipe. Now it has my mind going on all the possible combinations!

  7. We love anything lemon in this house. I’d love a cookie and then some playtime in those awesome teepees!

  8. I remember making Koolaide Popsicles as a kid! What fun! 🙂

  9. First, I LOVE those tents! My daughter used to have the cutest tent in her playroom when she was little and I’ve always thought they are so cute. And second, I LOVE those lemon cookies, must make them soon. Enjoy your summer, it’s my favorite season.

  10. We love to make slushies while we play outside during the warmer months. Summer time memories!

  11. I like options, so I think I’ll have to pick up one in each flavor. Love the idea of doing recipes too.

  12. Ok I am coming to your house for summer. Pools, tents, popsicles and cookies! Yeah you win!

  13. Those lemon cookies sound so good and refreshing! I have also tried making homemade popsicles, it didn’t go well.

  14. We homeschool too! Yes, the heat is coming and it’s always good to have cool treat recipes ready to go!

  15. I have to get my pop forms out! Love the cool pops!

  16. Those cookies look amazing. My when family would love them! The pops look delicious and so refreshing too!

  17. Those fruity pops look so cool, I would love to give them a try.

  18. Those lemon drop sugar cookies look and sound amazing! The ice pops would also be a hit here!

  19. It’s so hot today I could use one of those pops. lol

  20. The fruity pops look amazing. My girls will just love it.

  21. Debbie Denny says:

    I will have to try those Koolaid liquids. Sounds like great treats.

  22. So fun! I want to be a kid again! I miss the home-made pops, cookies, and tents! Oh, wait, I’m a mom now! Ha! Your post has inspired me!

  23. Those cookies look so good. Pass me one please.

  24. Popsicles and sugar cookies – yum! Perfect summer snacks. And I love those tents!

  25. These treats are perfect for cooling off in the summer. I can’t wait to have these kinds of moments outdoors when school is over.

  26. I like the fruity Pops and Lemon Cookies , they look so tasty. You can never go wrong with Kool Aid on a hot Summer Day. Even that baby is in on the action .. so cute

  27. We love making our own popsicles. Adding fresh fruit is a great idea

  28. It’s not a summer until somebody cracks out the Kool Aide. It really isn’t. Though I may nip into these for myself… Forget the kids!

  29. These sound tasty! I especially like the fruity pops.

  30. Yum!! I love summer snacks and treats. Fresh fruit is always welcome too.

  31. We love to make our own Kool Aid pops during summer too! It’s such a tasty way to get a fun and inexpensive treat during hot days!

  32. I love Country Time! They make the best lemonade.

  33. Yum! The popsicles sound SO good and the cookies sound yummy too. I love lemon cookies!

  34. Is it wrong that I plan to make these for myself??? MMMMM good – love the fruit added idea.

  35. Anything lemon goes over big here. Country Time sure takes me back to my childhood!

  36. Fresh fruits is what I will be feeding my son this summer. We have to be careful with his sugar in take

  37. I’d love to try those cookies. 🙂 My Florida friends have been saying it’s miserable hot right now. We just got word here today that it’s going to be cool all the rest of the week. Trade ya. 😉

  38. The cookies look delicious. My mother used to make us Cool-Aid popsicles.

  39. Woohoo for summer and homeschool curriculum almost being done…can you tell we are in the same boat? Those recipes look cool and refreshing, thanks for sharing!

  40. What a great way to have fun this summer! Yummy cookies too we have to get with it

  41. I love the lemon cookie idea! The Popsicle’s look yummy too!

  42. Your post really wanted to make me get outside and enjoy the sunshine! Yes, summer is on the way.

  43. Nothing like an ice pop to refresh you during those hot summer days. I have to try this recipe with my daughter

  44. I always love your posts, and all the neat things you do with the kids. These sugar cookies look delightful and like something I would try with my own kiddo’s!

  45. Tonya C says:

    First of all, those tents are the cutest! My kids would love hanging out in those all summer. And the Kool-Aid popsicles are a great idea!

  46. It looks like summer fun is in full swing! The kids here are out on summer break as of Monday this week.

  47. I love that beautiful Tents. The Kool & Fruity pops are something that any Kid would love anytime. And those Lemon cookies looks absolutely yum & delicious, a perfect snack for kids which they are going to love right away.

  48. We swim alot in the summer to cool off. And there are lots of trips to the ice cream shoppe. I think we might try making these at home .

  49. Chrissy Mazzocchi says:

    Those look really yummy! I live in Florida too and I hate this hot weather.

  50. Elisabeth says:

    I’m so excited to try the Lemon Drop Sugar Cookies!

  51. I need to make my own tee pees! Yours are absolutely adorable! I love that pop recipe too.

  52. Cookies and fruit pops simply can’t be beat! What a perfect beginning to the summer season?!

  53. I love summer and eating pops! I am actually going to create some pops this weekend for pre-memorial day with my family!!

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