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This is a sponsored post on behalf of My Family Plans.   All views and opinions are honest and of my own. All views and opinions are honest and of my own.


When you have kids someone is bound to get sick. Better yet when you have more than one child colds seem to travel around the home even spreading to mom and dad. Sound familiar? This is how is works in our home.  Some of these sicknesses require medical attention which can be costly especially if you do not have medical insurance. My Family Care Plans provides access cost-effective medical care and health care savings, wherever and whenever you need it.


This great service offers doctor consultation service, with My MD Access, is a network of U.S. board-certified doctors who are available to resolve your medical issues by phone or via online video, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Doctors can diagnose, recommend treatment and write non-DEA controlled prescriptions to be picked up at a pharmacy near you.


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For families that like to travel like ours or if you are too sick to get out of bed or can’t take off work you can still have access to dependable healthcare.




~ No More Scheduling Appointments

~ No more long wait times at the doctor’s office

~ No More urgent care center fees

~ No more having to miss work

~ Get the answers when you need them 

~ Convenient for all ages 


Definitely sounds like an easy and effective way to care for yourself and your family. Have you ever used My Family Plans before? For pricing and additional information check out their web-site


This is a sponsored post on behalf of My Family Plans.   All views and opinions are honest and of my own. All views and opinions are honest and of my own.  Mama to 5 Blessings is disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.   




  1. Thankfully we have great health care coverage through my husband’s work. I have had to look for outside healthcare before we got married and it was such a pain and very expensive!

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    It always happens that my kids get sick off hours, so it would be handy to have a doctor available when I need one.

  3. Rachelle J says:

    This is such an awesome idea! I will have to keep this in mind next time my daughter gets sick!

  4. Such amazing benefits especially not having to sit in long queues. That always gets to me, I’m so impatient.

  5. My workplace just signed on with a program similar to this (I am not sure of the name – it’s being rolled out to us next month.) I love that prescriptions can be done over the phone, so you don’t have to schlep your child back to a busy doctor’s office to get an antibiotic for yet another ear infection!

  6. My Family Care sounds like a convenient service that could benefit a variety of families. This is my first time hearing of this service and will have to look more into it.

  7. Im thankful we have great insurance although I do wish sometimes we could just video chat with the dr rather then dragging everyone into the dr’s office

  8. This definitely sounds convenient. Having to go through the appointment process at the local doctor’s office is just exhausting.

  9. Whether you have kids or not there are times when leaving your bed in so not inn the cards! I do have health insurance which thankfully my doctor accepts. This really does sound like a great back up plan.

  10. Great Program/ Service. Its nice to know there is something efficient for when kids get sick . Good Healthcare is hard to find

  11. So many families will benefit from this service. It’s amazing what the Internet brings to life.

  12. We are lucky that husband has great health care right now. This will be good to look into for when he retires.

  13. I need to look into this. It sounds great. Health care is so important.

  14. This sounds great for people who don’t have health insurance. Health is so important. It can’t be neglected.

  15. We have great insurance, thankfully. But right now I have two sick girls who are passing a cold between the two of them.

  16. I like the no scheduling appointments. It’s not always possible with kids and while traveling. That’s great

  17. I think this is pretty fabulous! I’m in Canada so it’s much different here but I hear it’s not so good there for those without insurance so this would be good!

  18. Knowing about your healthcare is always important. It seems like you get good benefits!

  19. This is the first time I’ve heard of My Family Care Plans but I already love that they have doctors available to help you via phone or online, 24/7! Heading to their website to check out the pricing!

  20. This sounds like a very convenient way to see a doctor! And cost effective too!

  21. That is an awesome way to get coverage. I like the flexible hours. This would be so helpful.

  22. Healthcare is so important! Before kids I didn’t really think much about it because Hubby and I never get sick! But now – it’s another story!

  23. I am not happy with my current insurance.I need to look into this.

  24. I need to look into this for my husband. His coverage expires in June

  25. This looks like an amazing service. I like that there is no more headache of booking appointment

  26. We have a benefit similar to this with a supplemental healthcare discount plan we have and it is so nice to have it! I love knowing I can make a phone call for minor medical issues and avoid a doctor visit!

  27. This would be so helpful in so many different situations. There have been times i really couldn’t get out of bed to go see the Doctor.

  28. We are between health plans now so I will have to look into this

  29. I need a new plan. I have just bookmarked this post to remember to come back and check them out in detail later. Thanks for sharing.

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