10 Birthday Freebies For Kids

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This is a busy month for my family. Three out of five of my kids have birthday’s! One of them (my oldest) will be double digits (10).  Am I the only one that wished there was a pause button and that kids didn’t grow so fast?


I decided to compile a list of free goodies that kids can get on their birthday’s!


Chuck E Cheese Free tokens 


Kmart $5.00 birthday bucks


California Pizza Club  CPKids meal during their birthday month


Baskin Robbins Free ice cream 


Bob Evans Free kids meal 


Chick-Fil-A Free cookie (if you have the cow calendar)


Toys R Us (Geoffrey’s Birthday Club) receive a birthday card which includes a $3.00 coupon (you do not have to spend any month), receive a birthday call from the friendly giraffe. Visit the store on your child’s birthday and he or she will receive a free balloon and birthday crown, plus a special store announcement.


Children’s Place  25% off coupon to use on their birthday


Barnes & Noble  Free cupcake from their café 


Friendly’s Free birthday sundae 


Are there any I am missing? Please sure any other birthday freebies for kids that you know about by commenting below! I would love to add them to my list! For all April birthday’s Happy Birthday! 


  1. These are good things to know! My son’s birthday is this summer. We’ll have to check out one or two of the locations you mentioned. (It’s impossible for us to get to all of them in one day!) 🙂

  2. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    There are a few local restaurants that let kids eat free on their birthdays. Also, most of the movie theaters let the kids go free on their birthday, too!

  3. I love freebies especially on my birthday! i have been slowing add myself to several store newsletters. hopefully I will score this fall.

  4. What?! I had no idea there were such things! How neat!

  5. Awesome! All my kids birthdays are from May-October so this will be helpful. We haven’t been to Chuck E Cheese on so long we may have to go for one of the kiddos days!

  6. WE have a Red Robin and kid’s get a free kid’s meal on their birthday! Too awesome because they are delicious.

  7. I didn’t realize Toys R Us did anything for birthdays. That’s so cute! It’s nice to know so many businesses do birthday gifts like this.

  8. Great list of freebies for the kids. thanks for the list.

  9. Ann Bacciaglia says:

    These are great birthday freebies. I love doing all the freebies on my birthday.

  10. Wow, I had no idea that so many places did birthday freebies for kids. This is great to know, I’ll be sharing with my friends who have kids!

  11. Great idea! Who doesn’t love a freebie? My bday is coming up 🙂

  12. These are great. So many awesome places and freebies!

  13. Isn’t that special. Free stuff for the kiddos on their bdays. very nice

  14. What a great list! I only get the $3 TRU coupon. Looks like I need to take advantage of the rest!

  15. And don’t forget all the places that have birthday stuff for any age! Red Robin even gives you a whole burger platter!

  16. thanks for the compilation…will be great to take the kids there..Mine will celebrate their bdays in December 🙂

  17. I love this. This is a great list. It is fun for the kids to get some special freebies on their birthday.

  18. Hahaha… Chuck E Cheese. We used to have to take my Granddaughters there often. They are now in their 20s.

  19. Those are great freebies. I am sure my daughter would love the Chuck & Cheese ones

  20. I think my favorite has to be the free cupcake! I didn’t know about that one, my boys will be thrilled!! I’m signed up for the toys-r-us and a few others, what a great list!

  21. I remember when Toys R Us used to give an actual gift card!

  22. Awesome! I have a little one that is going to have a birthday soon. I will have to check these out. Thanks for sharing.

  23. There are places that also give free birthday gifts for adults as well!! There are many companies that give one sort of freebie or another for birthdays–you just have to check around. I did not know about the free cupcake at B&N–I wonder if they do that for adults as well.

  24. Our Toys R Us birthday card was a $5 voucher off a $25 purchase. Not really a good gift. LOL Chuck E Cheese always gives us free tokens though.

  25. Great list. Since birthdays have seemed to get out of control, I love the idea that I can get some good free stuff for my kiddies on their birthday.

  26. What a great list and timely tips indeed! I think this would be very helpful for my daughter’s upcoming birthday party. It is definitely fun for all kids to get special freebies on their birthday.

  27. This is a great list!

  28. Toys R us goodies will always be appreciated by kids – never fails!

  29. What a great list. Gracie’s birthday is coming up soon so I will put this list to good use.

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