Cinderella’s Carriage Up Close #WDWBigFun (Wordless Wednesday With Linky)



My tween and I recently went to a Disney Tween Fam Blogger event. We were able to see the beautiful carriage that was in the new Cinderella movie which is located at Disney’s Hollywood Studio’s in Orlando, Florida.  The details to this carriage are simply beautiful. It is gold and very intricate. Definitely fit for a Disney princess! You have to see if up close for yourself!  Stunning!


Stay tuned for many other wonderful Disney posts coming soon!


Cinderella Carriage

 I cannot wait to see this movie, which comes out this Friday! Do you have plans to go see it? Our family is! 


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  1. Very nice. Like it.

  2. Oh yes, we got to see it the other day and it was really nice. I can’t wait to see the movie as well.
    Have a nice day!

  3. WoW!

  4. That’s a really lovely carriage. I saw Cinderella’s carriage lately too..but it was made all of chocolate.

  5. That design is just so intricate! Amazing!

  6. Beautiful detail. My girls are teens and they are going to some other movie this weekend, their big selling point was that it was coming out here before it hits the US theatres, something that almost never happens.

  7. That carriage is incredible! I saw a lot of photos that people were tweeting from this event. Looked amazing.

  8. That’s so cool! I just showed my teen (age 14) and we were both impressed. Congrats for the neat opportunity!

  9. How amazing. I can’t wait to see the film.

  10. OMG, I love the carriage. I took a picture with Cinderella promo a few months ago at the movies. I’ll have to find it. Enjoy the movie.

  11. This is such an amazing design. I’m pretty excited about the new film too.

  12. WOW. That is absolutely GORGEOUS!!

  13. Your photos are probably as close as I will get to seeing that carriage -it’s incredible! Thank you.

  14. I don’t plan to go to the theater to see Cinderella, but would like to once it’s available to stream. What a cool photo op! Happy #WW!

  15. Beautiful! Such amazing detail. That must have been awesome to see in person.

  16. I kinda’ want a carriage now.

  17. What an amazing carriage – it’s really beautiful!

  18. This is SO neat! My daughters would get a kick out of this!

  19. Star Traci says:

    Lucky girl!!!! My daughter is counting the days until this movie comes out. I may or may not be doing the same.


  20. That is gorgeous! What a sight to see.

  21. That would be a ton of fun to hitch a ride in πŸ™‚

  22. I am super jealous. I am excited and hoping to take my kids to Cinderella soon. They are tweens and so wanting to see this show.

  23. Happy WW and thank you for hosting this great linky! Have a wonderful week! xx Ashleigh @SimplyWright

  24. ooh my…so gorgeous! feels like riding on it and be Cinderella :)..

  25. Aw, lucky you! Looks amazing! πŸ™‚

  26. OMG that is stunning, literally breath taking

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