The Creepy Coral Snake (Almost) Wordless Wednesday With Linky




I have lived in Florida all my life and I have never seen a venomous snake other than on display at the zoo, museum, etc.  Recently my family pulled up in our driveway from being gone and my neighbor was outside, he came over to tell us that he and his daughter just saw a Coral Snake dead in the middle of our street. So with my boys and camera in tow we headed off to go find it. I was curious I had never seen a Coral Snake before.   The homeschool mom in me wanted to pick up this dead snake and keep it and use it in our homeschooling, possibly doing a dissection. Oh my boys would have loved that! 


I decided to just leave it alone.  Looks like a car or something ran it over. It was gone the next morning though. I just cannot believe there was a Coral Snake 3 houses down from my home. Now I am leery, always looking outside for them because my kids play outside. Not sure if this was someone’s pet or what but thankfully this is the only one I have seen living in this home in 10 years! 


coral snake


Have you ever seen a venomous snake this close before, outside of a cage? 


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  1. I have never, nor have I ever had any desire to, see a venomous snake up close and in person. Eeek!

  2. I had a king snake when I lived in California. It is the non-venomous look alike to the coral snake, and when I first started reading that’s what I though this was going to be. However, that is a coral snake. (You can tell because the yellow and red stripes touch each other, on a king snake they are always separated by black). I have held venomous snakes in captivity, but never in the wild. Scary.

    My homeschool family would have taken it home ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I too will freak out if I saw a snake.. certainly not for me.

  4. I saw a garter snake in FL and freaked out totally. It was outside our hotel room. I made my husband relocate it before I’d get out of the car.

  5. Not my idea of FUN. I have never seen or would like to see a venomous snake.
    Have a great rest of the week.

  6. Goodness! I am so scared of snakes and this would really give me sleepless nights!

  7. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful blogs. That snake is . . .
    Lots of blessings from South Africa

  8. I’ve seen snakes,but don’t like even to look at them… ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Not a fan of snakes myself, even contained.

  10. My daughter, Amanda, had a reptile day at school last year. The kids learned a poem that day to help them remember which snake is poisonous and which one isn’t: Red and black is a friend of Jack. Red and yellow can kill a fellow. I’m glad this one won’t be hurting anyone.

  11. Oooo-errr! Wouldn’t want that outside my door!

  12. I need you to know that I love commenting on your posts, but my heart is fluttering and my hands are perspiring as I write this…. I am incredibly afraid/terrified of anything that slithers!!! Good on you for being able to be so near.

  13. I have seen rattlesnakes in containers but never outside of one

  14. That is just scary! I’m not a snake fan,and I’d probably freak if I saw one with those colors. We met a snake on the way to the beach this summer, but from my research I determined that it wasn’t venemous.

  15. I get venomous snakes all the time, but then I live in a desert. Here we have several varieties of rattlesnakes. One, the Mojave Green, will kill you if you don’t get to a hospital within 30 minutes. The venom works at your nervous system. I have killed plenty of these snakes over the years.

  16. Growing up in the country in Mississippi we had water moccasins in our yard on more than one occasion. My Mom and Dad had to kill a few that got too close to our house.

    Faith from

  17. YIKES YIKES YIKES. No thankyou! lol.

  18. We had friends who moved to AZ. A snake was on their front porch. They were both freaking out, lol. The mother-in-law who was visiting from Brazil (she’s not at all young and a really petite gal) went out and took care of it. We still laugh at them today, but truth be told, I’d freak out too.

  19. Luckily I have never seen a venomous animal like this outside a cage. Here in Norway we donยดt have many dangerous animals. The few we have are very shy and fortunately stays in the habitat where they belong ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Yikes no! I’d totally freak out if I came across something like that!

  21. Star Traci says:

    My daughter would have liked to keep it, too (not me — LOL!)
    Happy Wednesday!

  22. Several years ago, we were in the Smoky’s taking a walk one Sunday afternoon (on our way back to the car) when we came across a Timber Rattle Snake. It was a big sucker, too! We just turned around and walked back up the trail before heading back. I. Hate. Snakes!!! In our early years of marriage, it wasn’t uncommon for Copperheads to slither into our open garage. This use to worry me that somehow these things would find away into the house, since we do get mice. Fortunately, we haven’t seen any Copperheads in a loooong time. Happy #WW!

  23. Wow! I’ve lived in Florida for almost all my life and I’ve never seen a Coral snake. They are so pretty and so scary!

  24. Eek. I love snakes to a degree. I am scared of them, but I like looking at them from a safe distance. Thanks for sharing. this is my second time to join your linky.

  25. Homeschoolers here….yep, we would have taken it home for dissection! Sorry it was killed, but glad it didn’t hurt anyone!

  26. I have seen some but most of them are in cage or behind the glass…that one looked venomous indeed..

  27. That’s scary… Pretty colors, though!

  28. I’ve seen a few snakes in my life, but I can’t say I have ever seen one that looks like that. I don’t really have a fear of snakes. This one looks pretty cool , but I can see why people are grossed out by them.

  29. Yikes! We saw a copperhead in our backyard a few years ago, and it scared me to death. I was with my dog in the back of the yard, and we happened upon it suddenly. I don’t take the dog back there anymore! Thank you for hosting!

  30. Yikes! Living in northern New England we don’t have any posionous anything…pretty sure that’s one benefit of the freezing cold winter months! This is crazy though…and right in your neighborhood!

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