Family Time Memories With Chocolate Fondue



One time of the year (typically on New Years Eve) our family has a tradition where our family does fondue for dinner and dessert.   For dinner we do pizza fondue and for dessert – chocolate fondue. 


Chocolate Fondue Recipe:


2 lbs. of chocolate (we purchased Hershey bars on clearance after Christmas)

1 tsp. of instant coffee

2 Cups heavy cream


Melt chocolate on the stove top and then add the instant coffee and give a good stir. Finally add the heavy cream to the chocolate mix and once all the ingredients are mixed thoroughly add them to the fondue pot.  Adding the coffee and heavy cream to the chocolate gives a nice creamy rich flavor.  


chocolate fondue



Fondue Dipping Ingredients:






Graham Crackers


Angel Food Cake


Ritz Crackers 


For our littler children we added the melted fondue chocolate in small bowls in front of them because we did not want them accidentally burning themselves on the fondue pot.  All of us had fun dipping and enjoying the different dipping combinations!  Have you ever had homemade chocolate fondue at home and if so what did you use as ingredient dippings? 


Have you considered chocolate fondue for Valentine’s? Try it, it’s easy, tasty and fun! 


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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    I love chocolate fondue. It’s so easy and so much fun to dip!

  2. Oh fun! I love fondu. It’s perfect for parties, and if you do it with cheese it’s a fun dinner as well.

  3. I have heard so much about fondu. I have never tried it personally. However, I may have to give your recipe a try.

  4. I have had chocolate fondue but never tried to make it for myself. It amazes me that you use instant coffee in it! I would never have guessed that but will definitely give it a try!

  5. Yum! I have never tried this. Thus would be so fun to do for family movie night! My kids would love dipping too, great idea! I will try this recipe!

  6. I have never tried this before! What a fun idea for family movie night. My kids would love to dip too! Such a great, fun idea. I will have to try this recipe!

  7. I love chocolate fondue. There are so many yummy things that you can dip in them.

  8. oh yum! I have had chocolate fondu but never combined with coffee. What a dream come true! I have a cute little fondue set I think it’s time to dust off and try this!

  9. Oh, I love fondue of any kind, but especially chocolate! Now I’m hungry LOL

  10. Um, yum! Chocolate is my go-to indulgence. Thanks for posting!

  11. I just want to drink that chocolate fondue. Yum and love the ‘after’ Christmas sale on chocolate.. That is a win win.

  12. I’ve never tried fondue but this looks sooooo good and easy. I will definitely have to try this at home.

  13. Fondues are so much fun. I’ve never thought of using all of those ingredients. I’ve only done marshmallows and fruits!

  14. I love chocolate fondue but I haven’t had it in forever. I definitely need to make one soon, yum!

  15. Oh how fun. I love chocolate fondue yet never thought of doing it with the kids. FUN> thanks so much

  16. Oh my goodness is there anything better than a good fondue, I’ve not had one for ages but oh the memories! x

  17. This would be great for a birthday party or family event. We are chocaholics at our house!

  18. Yummy i would so do this as I’m a chocolate lover for sure. Off to buy a fondue maker.

  19. Oh, I love chocolate fondue. It almost doesn’t matter what you dip in it!

  20. I have never had fondue and this would be such a great for a family Valentine’s date.

  21. I always think I will get a fondue pot but I never do. Now that I have this easy recipe I will go grab one on Amazon and have it here for superbowl and then again for Valentines day.

  22. Helene Cohen Bludman says:

    Fondue is always a big hit at our house, especially chocolate fondue. I like your ideas for dipping ingredients.

  23. Chocolate fondue is so good!! I have a fondue maker and hardly ever break it out. How silly of me!

  24. I love chocolate fondu and don’t get to have it nearly enough. I think I’ll make it for superbowl sunday.

  25. Oh I just love Fondue!! I’m thinking it would be a great treat to do with the whole family on Valentine’s Day!

  26. This is awesome. I have never dipped oranges.

  27. I love chocolate fondue! The strawberries with the fondue are my favorite!

  28. Just about anything will be great for dipping! Nuts are my go to dipping ingredient every time

  29. Yum! Now you’ve got me craving chocolate… I need to make some chocolate asap!

  30. Pretty sure I am going to make some of this. I love fondue!

  31. OH yum! I love how you added the instant coffee to the mix!

  32. We love fondue. I can remember having fondue when I was a child with my mom and dad. Fond memories!

  33. Is coffee a common ingredient in fondue? If so, I never knew!

  34. My kids would be crazy excited if we had chocolate fondue. This would be so fun for us.

  35. Oh now this is a great night! What a fun spread of yummy treats! I’ll have to do this one night

  36. Mann, we love chocolate fondue. I’ve never had pizza fondue though, that sounds amazing too!

  37. You had me at chocolate fondue! That is always a treat

  38. Thanks for this awesome recipe, I really love chocolate fondue so I’ll have to make this sometime soon!

  39. I love this idea for a New Year’s Eve Tradition! And who doesn’t love chocolate?!?!

  40. Ohh, I love doing chocolate fondue! We used to do it at my sorority during recruitment. You used all the same items we did for dipping!

  41. My friends and I used to make fondues way back when!! This is a great recipe for a chocolate fondue and one that would go perfectly with strawberries. Chocolate covered strawberries–YUM

  42. Chocolate Fondue can really liven up any gathering. This one is also easy to do and you have a lot of options on the items to dip.

  43. I would love to make a chocolate fondue for Valentine’s. It looks like it could be fun. I’ve been to places that have had them, but never bothered to dip a strawberry in there.

  44. Ooh, what a fun idea. We love to eat at The Melting Pot especailly for their chocolate fondue desserts and also the cheese fondue. I’ll have to ty and make these at home!

  45. I love fondu!!! Your post just made me remevee I have my own set and should probably take it out and actually use it!!

  46. Though never made one before I love love eating chocolate fondue, thanks for the recipe I might attempt this one day.

  47. Oh, that sounds fantastic. I’ve never heard of adding coffee to a chocolate fondue. This sounds like a delicious winter family day snack.

  48. Oh my chocolate fondue… my sister-in-law would go bonkers, but what a wonderful idea. Plus all the goodies that you could possibly dip into chocolate. mmmmm Thanks for the great idea. Have a great day!

  49. Everything is better when covered or dipped in chocolate! This looks so good!

  50. I have always just melted dark chocolate chips in our fondue pot and it was heavenly. However, I will have to try mixing the chocolate with coffee and heavy cream next time, sounds delicious. Graham crackers are a great idea, I am going to add that to our list. Have you tried marshmallow? My boys love dipping marshmallows in chocolate fondue 🙂 My family also enjoys dipping bread, chicken, apples, and cooked broccoli into cheese fondue.

  51. Thanks for this wonderful.recipe, my kids would love this.

  52. michele d says:

    Ekk! Chocolate Fondue is just awesome. My kids love it! Chocolate covered in fruit is so yummy. Now I want some!

  53. I can’t wait to try this recipe! We love The Melting Pot but it is so expensive! I’ve tried making fondue at home but never liked the way it turned out.

  54. Seeing this has made me crave some Chocolate Fondue. I will have to get my Fondue pot out and go buy some supplies.

  55. We have been talking for a while about doing fondue with our kids. I’ve never done it before and we think they’d really love it. Makes for a fun tradition, too, like you all do!

  56. I knew I was going to like this post as soon as I saw the title. You have to like a post telling you to get some chocolate.

  57. This looks so good. I cant wait to make this

  58. Any type of fondue is my favorite type of fondue. Everything about it is amazing! My family always used to have fondue nights and they were always so much fun!

  59. Somewhere is my pantry I have a fondue set…and I’ve never used it! Now that I have kids who are able to feed themselves independently this would be such a fun way to eat their fruit 😉

  60. Ohhhh yum! I need to introduce the kiddos to fondue!

  61. I got my very first fondue machine in 2013 and I’m in love with it. This post gives me the urge for some chocolate fondue! Yum!!

  62. Chocolate Fondue – now who wouldn’t want that right, haha! Yum!

  63. Thanks you so much for this recipe! I have always wanted to make fondue and now, I will make it this weekend! Great ideas for the dippables too!

  64. Yes yes I’m here for all of this. I love fondue

  65. We have a fondue pot, and we really need to get more use out of it. Fondue is so yummy, and this looks like heaven!

  66. I love fondues! I was introduced to them in 2008 in Florida at the Melting Pot and now we love to make them at home! I have one planned for Valentine’s day with my boys….chocolate!!!

  67. Oh that looks perfect. My friend is having a get together this weekend and I think I might suggest doing chocolate fondue

  68. I love the idea of adding a splash of coffee to the fondue. This looks great. I don’t believe we’ve ever done a fondue with the kids even though we have one.

  69. I remember making fondue when I was in highschool in my French class. I have been telling myself that I need to get a fondue maker of my own now that I am older but just never have.

  70. OurFamilyWorld says:

    I never knew that chocolate fondue could be that simple to make. Now I know that I will be trying this at home.

  71. for every V-day we have a fondue dinner. We have been doing this for years with the kids and they love it.

  72. Everytime we set up a chocolate fondue in a party, kids and adults go wild! Everybody loves chocolates.

  73. Pamela F says:

    We love to have fondue as a family – such fun!

  74. This chocolate fondue looks like it would be great anytime. I thank you for an excellent idea for a treat.

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