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I am an eclectic homeschooler. Using curriculums from various places but also incorporating games, crafts and other fun activities into our learning.  My 3 older children each have their own tablets as well as my husband and I. We load educational Apps on our children’s tablets so that not only can they play but learn at the same time. A game that we recently uploaded is Mickey’s Magical Math World which is geared to children ages 3-8.

 mickey's math main


Mickey’s Magical Math World gives children an imaginative adventure that practices these early math skills:

Goofy’s Silly Sorting recognizes the defining attributes of a variety of shapes.
Minnie’s Robot Count-Along teaches children to count forward to 10, and count backward from 10.
Donald’s Number Launcher allows kids to explore early addition and subtraction.
Daisy’s Bedtime Countdown uses reasoning and logic to solve problems.
Mickey’s Super Rocket Shapes allows children to sort objects by color and shape.


minnie's count along


My kids were very receptive to this app. For instance my kindergartner complains about doing her math so what I have done is I have her still work on her daily math curriculum but I have her play Mickey’s Magical Math World too. She is so busy having fun that she does not realize that she is learning. She struggles memorizing her numbers but this app has really helped her.

 mickey;s math 4

While my four year old son enjoys Mickey’s Shapes ad Goofy’s Sorting. It is a great way for him to learn the basics of math which will lead into number memorization.  Not only is he learning math but in sorting but in Goofy’s Silly Sorting it goes over recycling so he is learning multiple things at once. 

mickey's math sort


My seven year old son struggles with his math curriculum. At this point he should be memorizing his addition and subtraction facts but he is having a hard time doing so. I try to find fun ways for him to learn one of those ways is with Donald’s Number Launcher is the perfect resource for him. He is retaining the information through this game! He wants to play the game and every time he plays he learning and memorizing. I love hearing him share his scores with his sister and his excitement – it is very encouraging for him.


Mickey’s Magical Math World is perfect in our home because of the variety of ages of my children. When one child learns one math skill then they can go onto the next math skill making this app super versatile and what child does not like Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters? Children like mine enjoy these characters which makes them drawn to this app and wanting to keep coming back to play! 


My kids are covered but as a mom and a homeschooler it’s nice for me to have resources as well to incorporate into daily living and learning.  Disney Imagicademy Parents is a place where I can add my children’s latest Disney Imagicademy creations, with tips for extending the learning experience, opportunities to encourage progress, and the ability to share accomplishments with my family and friends.

disney imagicademy 1

 I pariculary like the different categories offers, my favorites are From The Lab where I can find or add science type experiments to do with my kids in which I can incorpate into our homeschooling. My other favorite is Imagine That which is more arts and crafts which is right up our alley!


Plus this app offers pin collections where I can explore the pins that my children has earned playing Disney Imagicademy’s suite of apps, and they can collect their own pins!  As a parent I can connect with the broader Disney Imagicademy community where I can share your ideas and contribute to the creative community! 


disney imagicademy 2


Both of these apps are a must have whether you are a mom, dad or homeschooler!  

disney apps



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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    My 7 year old struggles a little bit in math (like his poor mom), so this would be perfect for him. Plus, we are Disney obsessed in our house.

  2. I have a friend who will love to hear about these cool apps. Her little boy is just now at the age he can play her ipad.

  3. This is really neat! I am gonna tell my sister and sister-in-laws about this for their kiddos!

  4. I love how crisp the images are and how colorful they are. My kids would love this if they were a bit younger.

  5. These are really cute. I will tweet this and send the link to a friend whose dd could use these still. Love Disney and all their magical things they do.

  6. This looks great. I need more apps for my little ones that are like this! They love Disney too so it won’t even be a struggle to get them doing it!

  7. My three-year-old can count to 20 and has started counting backwards. It’s pretty cool, but I need more to help him. These look like great activities that can help so many ages!

  8. I’m really impressed with he visuals of Mickey’s Magical Math World. The Imagicademy sounds like a good way to find fun activities to do as well!

  9. We love Disney! I bet my eight year old would love these apps. We are all a bit tech obsessed here, we like to learn on the tablet.

  10. I’ve never heard of this app. It looks wonderful!

  11. I have never heard of these Disney apps. Its amazing how far technology has come to help the kids with learning.

  12. Any game with Mini mouse would get my daughters attention! What a fun app!

  13. I really think my twins would love this. Downloading now, thanks for the recommendation!

  14. My 7 year old daughter takes after her mom isn’t so good at the math stuff thankfully she’s in first grade and I can still help her a math app would really get her to like math if she thinks shes having fun while being sneaky and learning at the same time. I have to get it.

  15. What a lovely little app for kids, I wish they had had all these things when I was younger. x

  16. These look like great apps. It’s amazing how Disney can make anything fun for kids.

  17. That looks like such a fun app! We love all things Disney here.

  18. My son would love this. It looks like a wonderful app though

  19. These are the kinds of apps that I really love for kids. They make learning fun. That’s important so they don’t loose interest.

  20. These look like so much fun! My girls would love them. Thanks so much!

  21. It’s always great when games like this can get kids interested in learning. My kids were huge Disney fans so this would have been a hit with them.

  22. Such great apps! My daughter just became Mickey obsessed, so these are perfect for her!

  23. Such a great way to teach kids about math and other skills. The graphics are fantastic and will definitely keep their attention.

  24. I haven’t seen this Disney App before! My girls love everything Disney and Mickey Mouse. I am wanting to find fun educational games to pre-download onto my kid’s iPads.

  25. What an awesome app! I love that Disney has so many educational games 🙂

  26. Learning apps for kids are great, not only do they learn but they seem to have fun too!

  27. Amy Desrosiers says:

    My kids love Disney so I am sure this would help them to learn too! I allow them to use my iPad once in a while.

  28. I don’t think my niece has this yet – I need to have this on her ipad haha!

  29. Having fun while learning is super important. I think I’d be eclectic like you, as well… otherwise boredom would set in. Disney makes everything fun, so it’s only natural to use it in learning activities! My kids are a little old for this app, but I have nieces and nephew’s I’ll recommend it for!

  30. Sigh, my kids were born just a couple years too early to enjoy all these great apps. Kids today have it so lucky!

  31. My daughter just loves Disney characters and getting her to sit down and practice what she has learned is a chore. But, in game form I bet she would be all over it! Thanks for sharing.

  32. Making math fun can be hard. It would certainly be more enjoyable to learn with disney than to learn using flash cards!

  33. My son LOVES Mickey! I know he would get a kick out of this app

  34. These are cute. The graphics are amazing. We’re one of those parents though that kiddo doesn’t play with our iPads. Partly because she’s a kid that doesn’t pay attention to what she is doing and drops everything and partly because she has some attention and learning issues that are battled better with old fashioned pencil and paper.

  35. Yep, we give accolades to Disney too. I like how colorful and bright they’ve made the app characters.

  36. My daughter would love this app. I just haven’t had her dive into the world of apps yet. She loves Disney, so I think I’ll have to check it out.

  37. I love smart games, and love that technology is being used for this! We adore Disney. ♥

  38. What a great tool to have! The kids would love learning with Mickey any day over their school curriculum

  39. These look like excellent tools to have. Every kid learns a different way and some will respond really well to this.

  40. I love how educational these Disney apps are. They help to promote literacy and academic skills.

  41. Minnie’s Count Along looks so cute! My niece is 2 and obsessed with Minnie. I will tell my sister about this app.

  42. Chrissy Mazzocchi says:

    I will have to purchase this for my Daughter, we got her a Nabi for Christmas!

  43. This looks like a lot of fun for the kids. My kids would really enjoy this one. Did not even know about it until I found your blog post.

  44. I taught math for several years; basic facts were always a struggle for the majority of my students. Having fun while learning is a huge incentive for nailing these concepts!

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