Thankful For Teddy Tanks #TanksofThanks Will Help Feed The Hungry



Ever since my old son saw the commercial on t.v. for the Teddy Tanks he has been asking for one.  I can see why he wants one, they are super cute  and so versatile! Adorable Teddy Tanks double as a furry friend and a fish tank as each features a tank in their belly that can hold real fish or even store treats and treasures. 


teddy tanks

We are using it for a great cause, we are participating in the #TanksofThanks.  My children are filling their  Teddy Tank with notes saying what they are thankful for this year.  Plus throughout the month of November, Telebrands will feed  up to 100 families in need by donating to a hunger-relief charity for every #TanksofThanks hashtag tweeted. 

 teddy tanks collage

Our Teddy Tank is filled, my kids have so much to be thankful for. We are blessed beyond measure! Once thanksgiving is over I am sure our Teddy Tank will be filled with goodies, coins, crayons, small toys and other clever things my children can think of! Add items to the tank by using the mouth of the animal or a small opening in the backside. If the tank needs cleaning simply remove it from the belly side of the animal and when done it fits easily back into place. Such a fun toy for children to enjoy!


teddy tank



Teddy Tanks make the perfect gift this holiday season for any age.  They come in many animals: penguin, elephant, frog, pig, bear and many more! Available for purchase directly from Teddy Tanks for only $19.99!


Please retweet the below tweet to help feed the hungry.  Telebrands will feed  up to 100 families in need by donating to a hunger-relief charity for every #TanksofThanks hashtag tweeted. 



Mama to 5 Blessings  wrote this post on the behalf of Telebrands and their PR Company. Mama to 5 Blessings received product in exchange for an honest review. This is not a sponsored review and all views and opinions are of my own and were not influenced in any way.    


  1. This is such great idea for helping teach kids how to be thankful. Bonus that it helps out a great cause!

  2. oh my gosh these are adorable! I’ve never heard about them before so thanks for sharing! I love that this is a way to get kids involved too in giving back

  3. What a neat idea!
    Love this cute little teddy bear.
    How easy is it to remove the coins or paper that you put inside?

  4. WHAT! Lol! I can’t believe a stuffed toy can be a real live fish tank. That is pretty snazzy. No wonder your kiddo wanted one. It’s cute!

  5. That is adorable! What a great way to teach the kids to be grateful for what they have.

  6. Fi Ní Neachtáin says:

    I’ve never in my life heard of Teddy Tanks – what an idea! The thankful teddy idea you came up with is so much better though I think.

  7. I love this idea. It’s a super cute way to remind kids that they have a lot to be thankful for!

  8. Awesome idea for a piggy bank replacement! I’m all for teaching kids to save and value their money and I’m sure seeing the belly fill up with coins and bills would be exciting.

  9. I love these teddies, and I love what the company is doing. This is a wonderful thing to do for the holidays.

  10. Awwww that is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time. It’s such a great way to teach children to be thankful for things they might now otherwise think about.

  11. Oh my heart that is so stinking cute! I want one! My daughter would absolutely freak out over these cute animals.

  12. This is cute! What a nice way to encourage kids to be thankful.

  13. Such an easy way to support a great cause, I’ll be tweeting!!

  14. What a fun idea. I love that Telebrands is donating to a hunger relief charity too.

  15. What a great idea and way to get the kids involved with giving back! Bravo!

  16. I have never seen these before. I love that you used it to add words of thanks.

  17. This is great! They would be really cute terrariums!

  18. Elizabeth O. says:

    Seriously, I wanna buy all! For a good cause and for my collection!

  19. These are so cute, and this is a great idea! I love it!

  20. These animals are too cute. And I love the idea of using them to hold all the thankfuls. Great idea to help kids really focus on what they are thankful for this year.

  21. These are so cute. Tanks of thanks are a wonderful idea.

  22. Amy Desrosiers says:

    These are such cute little sentimental teddies. My kids would love to have one.

  23. What a fun toy! I’ve never even heard of thankful teddy tanks! My son would love something like this – what a great teaching tool too!

  24. These are absolutely adorable. I can see it being filled up with a lot of fun little goodies.

  25. What a cute way to use this product. I started a clear glass globe ornament a few years ago doing something similar. Every year I place a thin strip of paper inside it and tells of something we are wishing for. After a certain number of Christmases we will break open the ornament and read them to see which wishes were granted.

  26. Teddy Tank will be a great gift for any kid regardless if girl or boy. I like that there’s a good cause behind to help feed the hungry.

  27. This is such a great use for this toy! How fun, I bet your kids loved it too!

  28. I love this idea. The bears are very cute and the concept is great. I love that it helps a very important cause.

  29. What a great idea! Those teddy tank toys are super cute and what a fun way to teach your kids to be thankful.

  30. This is such a great idea! Would be an awesome gift for a Teacher to help their students to be thankful 😉

  31. My daughter would probably use it to put notes in like you. This is so cute!

  32. I bet the kids would love this for Christmas. I love the fish idea!

  33. Michelle Hwee says:

    Aww! how adorable 🙂 I love this! 🙂 so cool and has a great value tool.

  34. Oh gosh – this is a wonderful bear to have haha! So cute and I love how it has a lesson to go too!

  35. Wow, such a cool idea! I haven’t seen something like this before. I would definitely buy it!

  36. Omgosh! I want one for my baby’s hospital band and hat!

  37. That is such a fun toy. I like the many uses for it and what a perfect way to put it to good use with Give Thanks Notes.

  38. What a cute idea this is. Never heard of these teddys before but I love them now. I want some for my kids.

  39. I definitely Tweeted. These are cute, I recently saw them for the first time and showed my son…he thought they were awesome. You’re using it in a great way!

  40. That is so awesome that they can hold real fish!

  41. All of my kids would love one of these! They each like to hide their own things, especially that which is special to them 😉

  42. This is such a cute idea and a great way to show how thankful you are. It’s a great way for kids to express their thankfulness.

  43. That is so darling and a great learning tool!

  44. These are so cool! I can think of 3 people right off the bat who I would like to get one for!

  45. Lisa Bristol says:

    I have never seen these before. They are so cute. They will make a great Christmas gift.

  46. What a unique idea. It’s awesome that feeding the hungry is an ultimate goal here. That would entice me to buy the product even more.

  47. Oh wow these are really cute and could be used in so many different ways. I’ve never seen them before.

  48. This is my first time ever hearing about Teddy Tanks, but what a wonderful idea! I’ll definitely be tweeting for this cause.

  49. I like when companies give back and support the needy. Every bit help. My daughter would love to have one of these

  50. I would love to get these for my boys <3

  51. That is such an awesome toy. Brilliant idea. And it sure would make a great gift this Christmas.

  52. That is just the CUTEST idea. I really love it!

  53. The Teddy Tanks are so cute! And I love the Tanks of Thanks idea!

  54. This is so cool. I think my kiddos would love these.

  55. This is so great and cute. Thanks for the Share.

  56. Rebecca Swenor says:

    I have never heard of Teddy Tanks before. They are so adorable and I love the monkey. I will have to share this with my niece who has lil ones. Thanks for sharing.

  57. What an awesome idea to teach being thankful. My youngest daughter would be all over the penguin one.

  58. I’ve seen these before! SO CUTE! You can use them for so many things. I love your idea!

  59. What a nifty idea and creative. I bet my son would use this all year round.

  60. My son (almost 2y/o) loves stuffed animals and every time a care bear’s commercial comes on and asks me for one. This looks so much better than a care bear! I’m so glad you posted this!

  61. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before. I know if my toddler did I would have heard “I want that”. They will make great gifts.

  62. What a great product and fabulous cause to share. Thanks for bringing my attention to this!

  63. WE love teddy tanks! We did the same during our Thanksgiving dinner! It was a great experience, and held out a great cause.

  64. Melissa Smith says:

    I’ve never heard of these before, but they are seriously cool! I know my kids would LOVE these if they happened to be under the Christmas tree.

  65. What a great idea! I retweeted it out for a great cause! My son wants one for his soon to be fish!

  66. Those are so neat! I love the idea of filling them with things they are thankful for – always great for kids to see all that they have 🙂 My daughter would love one of those to keep her little things in!

  67. What a great idea. It’s a very unique way to instill thankfulness in children.

  68. Stephanie Lee says:

    Teddy is so cute! This one’s a great charity work 🙂

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