Keeping Kids Teeth Healthy & Strong With Listerine Smart Rinse #MC

“I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for LISTERINE. I received samples for this review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.”


We have been teaching our 5 children the importance of taking care of their teeth since an early ages. Especially our two older boys as many of their adult teeth are coming in. We go to the dentist for check ups and cleanings 2 times a year for our four older children as part of our healthy habits. We are also big fans of Listerine products because they are not just easy to use but they work! Even our dentist office uses this product line so why wouldn’t I use what the professionals use, since it is the very best of my family? 




Now that our schedule is in full swing with homeschooling, field trips, co-op, football practice and other activities we tend to be real busy in the mornings getting ready for the day and at night getting ready for bed.  Unfortunately many times at the end of the night we are tired and do not always brush our teeth. Listerine products such as the Smart Rinse are so important for my children because they are easy to use and my kids want to use them when they wake up and get ready for bed   Smart Rinse comes in three kid-friendly flavors: mint, bubblegum and berry shield. Plus they come in fun characters including Avengers, Barbie and Phineas and Ferb!


My seven year old son is the best at brushing his teeth, flossing and using mouth wash daily I just wish my other children would follow his lead.  Using the Smart Rinse Anti-cavity is his favorite. Which is great because it is alcohol free and it provides 12-hour cavity protection which means it even works on my kids teeth when they are sleeping! Plus it strengthens teeth 99% better than brushing alone! 




Listerine has a fun video called Healthiest Habit Heroes on their YouTube page.  Clever ways parents/caregivers go through unbelievable lengths to keep healthy habits in their home.  One of the our healthy habits in our home is to use Listerine products. Aside from the Smart Rinse Listerine has other great products for the whole family:


Healthy White Mouthwash 

Flosses that are flavored: Cool Mint, Ultra White Mint Floss

Gentle Gum Care Floss and the Ultra Clean Access Flosser

Pocket Packs Cool Mint for on the go!

 listerine healhty habits

This time of the year our family tends to bake and eat a bit more sweets so it’s very important to BE SWEET SMART ! How is your family caring for their teeth? Are your children using Listerine Smart Rinse? 


“I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for LISTERINE. I received samples for this review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.”
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  1. My kids use Listerine, too. The Smart Rinse really gets those tricky spots between their teeth!

  2. Alisha Kostiuk says:

    We have used the Listerine blue kids rinse for awhile I did not even know they had Avengers. Will defiantly be getting some for my boys.

  3. My kids love the kids Listerine! The love the way it looks and feels in their mouthes.

  4. My kids have tried it a few times. I never remember to buy it, but you’ve just given me a great reminder!

  5. Jennifer Williams says:

    I love that they came out with the kids rinse, my boys would never use mine before because it was too strong. I have been a Listerine fan for years.

  6. It’s important to get the kids into a proper oral care routine early. It’ll stick with them for the rest of her life.

  7. Those are some great products. I love using Listerine.

  8. We made sure we always had the kids use a mouth rinse before they brushed their teeth. We’ve slacked off on that somewhat since they got older, but I think we might have to start it up again.

  9. We already use a fluoride rinse with my daughter, but I think I’ll switch over to Listerine. I’ve always loved their mouthwash.

  10. Listerine is my favorite! Always there no matter what your oral care needs are.

  11. we love the Listerine smart rinse for kids. I love that it has the 12 hour protection. I agree, healthy habits start when the kids are little!

  12. I’m glad they make a less intense formula for kids using mouth wash. We like to use ACT here though because it restores soft spots in teeth. I don’t know if they make a kid safe version though.

  13. How perfectly timed. At least once a month I tell myself I will get into a normal Listerine-using habit and then I don’t. Just yesterday I stood in Walgreens and told myself now is the time. – Katy

  14. It’s so important to start healthy habits in kids early! Heroic Habits is a great way to do it!

  15. My kids always used Listerine Smart Rinse. A mouthwash is a great addition to a good dental routine!

  16. We don’t use this just yet, because we are still in toddler training toothpaste. But, I will definitely be picking this up when they are a bit older!

  17. I like to think we’ve done a good job… Lol… I love the ease of listening for kids. Little Man knows just how much goes in that top cup

  18. We are Listerine users at our house! I love those flossings wands too, I would floss half as much without mine!

  19. My son loves the Listerine Smart Rinse! He uses it every day, and it must be working–he had no cavities the last time he went to the dentist 🙂

  20. My daughter has a pH imbalance in her mouth so using mouthwash is so important in keeping the cavities away.

  21. Thanks for the great reminders! And the pics are really cute too!

  22. My girls love Smart Rinse and I don’t even have to remind them to use the stuff!

  23. We’ve used Listerine forever but I didn’t realize they had so many other products as well.

  24. My kids need to get more heroic with their oral hygiene just today we told them 5 times to brush their teeth.

  25. We have always used Listerine products. I love all the different flavors it is available in.

  26. I need to get the smart rinse for my 7 year old. He sucks at brushing his teeth properly.

  27. We love LISTERINE products for our kids, too! We’ve been talking about having good oral hygiene habits ESPECIALLY now that my oldest son has some permanent teeth!

  28. We use Smart Rinse in our house too. Now if I can only get my kids to floss regularly!

  29. The smart rinse is great for kids! My boys love using it!

  30. I’d love to have my daughter try Listerine Smart Rinse. She currently doesn’t use a mouthwash and her dentist hasn’t suggested it but she sees mom an dad use it.

  31. Oral health is so important. This is great! I love that it’s alcohol free.

  32. My son would love that Avengers Listerine.

  33. I love the way listerine makes my mouth feel after rinsing! Always feels fresh and clean:)

  34. Ugh, dental care has taken over our lives for the past year! My son had some issues, but now he’s under a very strict routine and doing great. It is SUCH a challenge to get little ones to understand the importance of taking care of their teeth!

  35. Listerine makes good products. It is nice to see the child friendly products.

  36. I’ve been lucky that mine don’t find it such a ‘chore’. This totally helps!

  37. My kiddos love Listerine. (That sounds bad – but they really love rinsing and gargling.)

  38. I have to start using this again. It is such a big help.

  39. I didn’t know there were Listerine products for children!

  40. Great post. Yes listerine is the best.

  41. This sounds great for kids. Real important to keep a good clean mouth.

  42. I need to pick up that rinse for my kiddo. We want the dentist to be pleased the next time we go in! 🙂

  43. We use Listerine too! Love it!

  44. I love Listerine products. However, I had no clue that they had products available for kids too.

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