Darth Vader Baby – Almost Wednesday (Wordless Wednesday With Linky)


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We DO NOT celebrate halloween but my kids love to dress up and make up little acting skits. My son had a cape on which he took off and put on his baby sister and then handed her a light saber. Guess you could say she is Darth Vader GIRL baby, but cuter! 

Joy darth vader

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  1. Aw, this is the cutest Darth Vader ever! 🙂
    Happy Wordless Wednesday!

  2. Halloween isn’t celebrated too much here, although it seems to be more popular every year.

  3. Star Wars is the greatest movie ever and I LOVE his costume!!

  4. Cutest vader ever!! I actually love playing with lightsabres! 😉

  5. They are so resourceful and creative with their costumes! #ww

  6. What a fun little Darth Vader, love the pic bottom left!!!

  7. That’s the cutest Darth Vadar that I have seen. Love his costume.

  8. Aww. He is adoravil! That’s evil plus adorable. How cute!

  9. So adorable! 🙂

  10. I’m totally for finding an excuse to play dress-up at any time of year!

  11. That is one cute baby Vader! I love that shot on the bottom left. I need to remember to come link up once my post is up tonight!

  12. Jenna Wood says:

    Haha too cute- I love when kids dress up it really fuels their imagination. The stories I’ve heard when my nieces and nephews got going with a box or a cape!

  13. Aww. He’ll kill you with a totally adorable smile on his face!

  14. Love it. Cool.

  15. That is such a cute Darth Vader!! He is super adorable.

  16. I love the costume, although he really doesn’t give off that “The Universe Will Be MIne!” vibe. =D

  17. What an adorable costume for the little Star Wars fan in the house!

  18. What a cute little Darth Vadar! Hair cuts are such an emotional time. It is always so fun to see the final result. Happy WW!

  19. Very cute costume. Looks like he is having fun playing dressup, no matter what day of the year it is.

  20. This is so cute, especially for a little girl who loves to play the villain…lol
    And, who is already a huge Star Wars fan?! :))

  21. My kids have always loved to dress up as Darth Vadar! We are huge Star wars fans here. So cute.

  22. She looks so cute in the cape! Adorable!

  23. Awww, he is such a cute little Darth Vader.

  24. She’s adorable and he’s so creative to dress her.

  25. Lisa Bristol says:

    She makes the cutest Baby Vader ever. I am a huge fan of Star wars.

  26. aww so adorable!

  27. That is the most gorgeous Darth Vader in the Universe!! What a great big brother to help her out like that – so sweet!

  28. Ha, ha, ha… now that is super-cute… Baby darth… ha!

  29. Amy Desrosiers says:

    Your daughter is so cute! I love her blonde hair!

  30. My kids love dressing up even when it’s not Halloween. Sometimes I shop the clearance rack after Halloween to get them something for their play clothes.

    He looks so cute playing.

  31. Great linky, Thanks for sharing, I look forward to checking out the sites.

  32. Your little guy is too cute and he loves his cape and sword. Thanks for the linky have a fun day!

  33. Christine says:

    So super cute! I miss little boy costumes!

  34. We love darth vader!
    We dressed our little girl last year, she was only 14 months old!!!!
    I must find her picture!

    Just one question before my link…
    The post has to be written on Wednesday?
    I have a post from previous Weekend. Is it ok?

  35. My kids always did the same! They’d plan out and write these long skits. Make their costumes, a stage type set-up, the whole works! Every-time there was a get together, you can be certain, we had entertainment. So awesome they do this!! It’s great memories now, years later! TAKE LOTS OF PHOTOS!!!

  36. Dress up is always fun! We play dress up all year long!

  37. My kids love dress up play! He looks simply adorable in that cape! How fun!

  38. Aw- that is a really sweet photo of brotherly love

  39. OH how sweet! Such a great big brother!

  40. Cutest Darth Vader Baby I’ve ever seen! But you know, she kinda reminds me of that little blonde girl in the Ewok movie. Have you seen it?

  41. This often happens in our family! Big brothers current toys become the girl’s favorite new toy! How cute is she? 🙂

  42. Adorable little Vader. I think my son was about that age when he was dressed in Star Wars too!

  43. wooooow….such a cute baby Dart Vader..and they way she holds that light saber is sooo convincing :)..
    Happy WW..

  44. Cute! My son would like this costume. I didn’t know there was a Wordless Wednesday link-up. That’s great to know for the future.

  45. How cute!

  46. Dressing up is fun any time of the year!

  47. Oh my goodness……..super cute Darth but I’ll pretend I’m afraid. Ooooohhhhh!

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