DIY Geoboard – Fun Inexpensive Way To Teach Kids Math (Learn & Link)



I am always looking for new things to do with my little ones. There are so many resources on the market that I could purchase but as a family of 7 I cannot always do that it gets expensive. One of the items my husband made my kids is a Geoboard.


Do it yourself geoboard





1 1/2″  long nails 

Particle Board / Wood 20 X 16

Long rubber bands


The piece of particle board we used was from a shelf from an existing piece of furniture that we did not need but you could use any size piece of wood but make sure you sand the edges or wrap them in duct tape so that children do not get splinters.


Next hammer in the nails 2 inches X 2 inches spaced apart in the wood/particle board.  Our grid is a 8 X 2 (48 nails total). The tops of the nails keep rubber bands in place as children create designs.  Your dimensions may vary if your board is a different size. 


Geoboards are great for little ones for dexterity as well as hand and eye coordination. For my three year old son I did not really give him direction. He sat and played making his own designs.



Geoboards are also great for learning hands-on exploration of geometric concepts, including shapes, symmetry, area, perimeter, coordinates and spatial relationships.


For my five year old daughter I laid out flashcards with shapes and had her repeat the shapes on the board. 



 What fun inexpensive ways do you teach your children math? 



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  1. I love that you made this yourself. It is fun AND educational.

  2. We really need to make one of those boards! Looks like such fun!

  3. How cool! A great way to teach and a fun way to learn. My kids would love this.

  4. I remember these growing up! I loved them in school!

  5. I think I might get this a shot. 😉

  6. I am so bad with the geoboard.. i just cannot get it, but everyone around me does!

  7. Awesome DIY project! Once my daughter is a bit older I’ll be making her one of these!

  8. These boards look like so much fun! How clever!

  9. Oh my gosh, this is brilliant, what a great way to learn shapes and geometry! And it looks fun too!

  10. What a great idea! We had a board like this in elementary school and I loved it. So great for fine motor skills, early math skills, and so much more. Thanks for sharing this idea.

  11. What a brilliant idea When kids doing interactive activities, they learn so much faster!

  12. How neat!! I had completely forgotten about these from when I was a kid! My dad made me a bunch of these. I can’t wait to make them for my kids.

  13. Another great DIY…wish i was better at this kind of thing, im sure my daughter would be thankful. lol

  14. What a great way to help the kids with math. Visual learning is a great tool, and this is the perfect compliment to basic geometry.

  15. What a great DIY geoboard! My daughter loved them in preschool. I never thought about making one for the house. Thanks!

  16. fun idea, I would have to match the right colored rubber band with the color of the card!

  17. That’s SO neat and what a great way to teach hand-eye coordination! I’ll save this idea for when my grandson is a little older. Thanks!

  18. This is neat, even the kids could help make them. I love that you can come up with a really neat tool for them and have it cost next to nothing.

  19. I love how simple this is!! I am not a DIY person, but this looks like something I could actually manage lol

  20. This is a fantastic idea and the colored rubber bands make it even better! We used to love home games for our kids!

  21. Oh! This is really cool. My son is a bit older but I am sure he would love this!

  22. We had a homemade geoboard like this as a kid. My kids had a plastic one, but it broke… :/

  23. My kids would love this to play and learn with! What a fun way to learn Math!

  24. This looks like such a fun activity for kids! Thanks for sharing!

  25. When i saw your post started to wonder why I had never thought of this idea before. When I taught Kinder we always had these in the classroom. I have that age kids and this would be perfect for them. Thanks for the idea.

  26. This is a great learning tool. It combines visual and physical elements to learning, which helps the kids really get it. Plus, it’s just fun!

  27. Wow, what a great DIY to teach kids Math. Thanks for the tutorial!

  28. This is a great way to teach math and shapes! I love things like this that make learning fun for kids.

  29. that is a great way to teach math as well as develop fine motor skills.

  30. I think this is just the BEST toy/ learning device. So many possibilities and it can be passed from child to child.

  31. This is such a great idea! I can remember using geo-boards when I was a kid. My kids would love this.

  32. That is just super-awesome. I would have never thought of making one myself. Thanks for the idea

  33. This is great. Kids learn best when they involve different parts of their brain, and this has several different areas covered.

  34. What a terrific idea! It sounds like it wouldn’t be too expensive to make!

  35. This is a great learning tool. It’s a great way to combine fun with learning, and that’s the only way you can keep kids interested.

  36. I love this! I am always looking for ways to change up how my kids learn new skills and tasks!

  37. There are so many different concepts you can work on with a geoboard. It’s a super fun activity!

  38. My 3 years old son would love this. Great game!

  39. How cool is that? This is such a blast from the past and makes me want to make one for my own kids!

  40. This is such a great idea. It’s a teaching tool, a toy, and an heirloom. I love it!

  41. I think that it is wonderful your husband does nice stuff like this. It is important that Dad cares if they learn too. I think counting and collecting things is a way to teach math too. Everyday things like rocks around or being at the beach and finding treasures etc and using them as a math project too.

  42. Fantastic idea! I would really like for kids to have one so.. we are going to make it.
    Thank you.

  43. This is a really great idea. I always appreciate toys that make learning fun an easy for children.

  44. Now that’s cool! I haven’t seen them in years! I wouldn’t have thought to make one!

  45. I would have even benefitted from this while growing up. I am so bad at math! lol

  46. Maria Oller says:

    what fantastic idea my baby is to young for one but my nephews are 4 the perfect age for a geoboard, thanks for the inspiration.

  47. I love this idea, actually I used to do this as a kid! I never realized it really could be used to teach math. I always thought of it as fun creativity time 😉 Thanks for sharing this!

  48. This is such a great hands on way to teach Math. We used to use change to encourage the kids to learn. If they got the question right they earned some money.

  49. Fathima Syedali says:

    Amazing idea! Geoboard sounds like a fun and educational concept for learning. I am sure it would help to improve the concentration level of toddlers. I am going to try this geo board for my kids.

  50. This is an activity I really need to help my son – I can see how it cannot only cement his knowledge of shapes, but also his multiplication facts. I’m thinking of a lot of ways this can help my 5th grade student.

  51. I love it and it is something I could use with both my boys. Thanks for sharing.

  52. These can be really fun. My daughter made one last year at school of a butterfly that came out really neat looking.

  53. Geoboards are awesome for geometry! We used to use them all the time when I taught fifth grade! Great for measuring area and perimeter too!

  54. This would be an awesome activity for my boys to do one weekend. I am going to have to try this out.

  55. What a great idea! I pinned this so I can do it myself later on! Thank you!

  56. Terrific idea for an educational tool… Easy and fun for kids.

  57. I loved boards like that when I was a kid. I actually think Bubbles would find that pretty interesting, as she’s getting to where she enjoys creating/copying shapes, etc.

  58. I’d never heard of making a Geoboard – what a creative way to explore math concepts! Love!

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